Last-Minute Albedo Costume idea 0 (0)

Albedo Cosplay

About Albedo From Genshin Impact We often see Albedo during events involving some social setting, helping people however he can. However, he finds relationships stressful and tiresome because of the effort needed to maintain them. He is Klee’s older brother figure, often seen babysitting her. That said, the feeling of enlightenment fuels him, and he … Read more

Last-Minute Fischl Costume Idea 0 (0)

Fischl Cosplay

About Fischl From Genshin Impact Her childhood upbringing makes Fischl practically obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplaying as a benevolent princess. As such, she almost always speaks in a polite and formal manner. This eccentric speech etiquette confuses most people, but luckily, her companion Oz will translate for us. She is extremely passionate about this, … Read more

Kristoff (Frozen) Costume 0 (0)

Kristoff Costume

Lovers of the Disney movie, Frozen, are sure to fall for the Kristoff costume. Kristoff is one of the characters in the film who works as an ice seller. Kristoff is voiced by Jonathan Groff, an American actor. He ends up running into problems with his ice-selling career when the summertime becomes frozen as well. … Read more

Debbie Thornberry Costume 0 (0)

Debbie Thornberry Costume

The Debbie Thornberry costume comes from the popular old cartoon, The Wild Thornberrys. Debbie is one of the supporting characters. Debbie Thornberry is stuck traveling around with her family who goes on adventures. The family looks for animals to film for their nature show. Debbie Thornberry is a typical teenager otherwise. She likes music, boys, … Read more

Last-Minute Molly Weasley Costume Idea 0 (0)

Molly Weasley Costume

About Molly Weasley From Harry Potter Series After graduating, both of her brothers were tragically murdered by Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War. Molly and Arthur went on to have seven children, including six sons named Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and Ron, and one daughter named Ginny Weasley. She is calm and maternal, … Read more

Last-Minute Veruca Salt Costume Idea 4.3 (4)

Veruca Salt Costume

About Veruca Salt From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, children are treated to a trip to the chocolate factory owned by the very strange Willy Wonka. Unlike the other children, her father purchased her the ticket instead of her finding one fair and square in a chocolate bar. She … Read more

Professor Trelawney Costume 1 (1)

Professor Trelawney Costume

Professor Trelawney, or Sybill Patricia Trelawney, is a supporting character in the Harry Potter series. Her duties as a seer include teaching Divination at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In addition, she is the one who prophesied the one who could defeat and vanquish Voldemort. She is a half-blood witch and a great-great-granddaughter … Read more

Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo) Costume 0 (0)

Fred Jones Costume

Fred Jones is a dashing member of Mystery Inc., a group of teenagers with a talking Great Dane. Fred is generally logical and enjoys setting up very complex traps for ‘ghosts’ and ‘monsters.’ His outfits are predominantly white and blue, with accents of orange and yellow to shake things up. There’s a little retro funk … Read more