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Jenny Forrest Gump Costume

About Jenny From Forrest Gump Forrest and Jenny meet on the school bus on Forrest’s first day of school, and despite societal shunning, they form a deep friendship throughout high school. They are separated when Jenny attends an all-girl college. Jenny faces various challenges, including expulsion, working at a strip club, and later embracing a … Read more

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forrest gump costume

The Forrest Gump costume is simple but iconic, much like the character himself.

The film, Forrest Gump, is a movie that came out in 1994. Tom Hanks plays the main character with the same name.

From a child with an IQ of 75 and a slight physical handicap to a football player, to a Vietnam War hero, to a shrimping tycoon, to a runner across America ……

These experiences have given legendary color to Forrest Gump’s life and inspired many people.