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Thanos Costume

Thanos is one of the most nefarious villains in the Marvel universe. He made his first true appearance in the film, Avengers: Infinity War. When Thanos was a child, his mother was convinced that he would attempt to take out all of the life in the universe. Because of this, she at one point tried … Read more

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Vision Halloween Costume

Whether you’ve loved Vision from his first comic appearance or came to know him on WandaVision, you’ll love the Vision Halloween costume. Vision is a Marvel character who was born of an AI version of himself. He assisted the Avengers many times before ultimately dying in the Battle of Wakanda. His sweetheart, Wanda, sends them … Read more

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Nick Fury Costume

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers are sure to know and love this Nick Fury costume. Nick Fury sits at the top of the food chain in the S.H.I.E.L.D. program. He is a former military advisor whose responsibility it becomes to assemble the Avengers when Earth is under threat. Nick Fury is a highly skilled man who … Read more

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Thor costume

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you’ve probably wanted to dress like one of your favorite heroes at some point. Dressing in Thor Costume is a great way to show your fandom and can be fun. The Mighty Thor is the God of Thunder and protector of both Asgard and Midgard. … Read more

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Ant-Man Costume

An Ant-Man costume is a great choice for fans of the underrated Marvel series. Ant-Man, otherwise known as Scott Lang, is a sympathetic character. He begins his story as a convict with a past involving petty crime. By the end of things, he has evolved into a superhero that has to save the planet. Through … Read more

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Valkyrie costume

The Valkyrie costume is excellent for lovers of strong female characters. Valkyrie is one of the recurring characters in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Not much is known about her past except that she was once a bounty hunter. She climbed the ranks to join the kingdom’s group of elite warriors. Her real name is Brunnhilde. … Read more

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Doctor Strange Costume

To become the Sorcerer Supreme, try out the Doctor Strange costume! Doctor Strange, the acclaimed Marvel superhero starring Benedict Cumberbatch, made a comeback in 2016’s Doctor Strange.  Known as Dr. Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stephen Vincent Strange is a superhero. The Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme protects Earth from … Read more

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Captain Marvel Costume

A Captain Marvel Costume is a popular female hero costume for the ultimate girl power vibes! Captain Marvel stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comics and films. In 2019, she starred in her self-titled MCU film, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel gained her title after resolving conflicts in the Kree Skrull War. Although she appears cold … Read more