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Thanos is one of the most nefarious villains in the Marvel universe. He made his first true appearance in the film, Avengers: Infinity War.

When Thanos was a child, his mother was convinced that he would attempt to take out all of the life in the universe. Because of this, she at one point tried to kill him.

It didn’t work, and Thanos set out to make that prophecy a reality. It was his goal to balance the universe by getting rid of half of the life out there.

In order to do this, he first needed to gather what is known as the Infinity Stones to make him powerful enough to do so.

Thanos seems ruthless, but it is clear he actually believes he is doing a good thing. Viewers can see his softer side in the way that he rescued Gamora and raised Nebula, calling them his two daughters.

You’ll Need:

  1. Thanos Costume
  2. Thanos Deluxe Latex Mask
  3. Thanos Gauntlet
  4. Face and Body Paint

DIY Thanos Costume Guide

Thanos’ purple skin is perhaps his most defining feature. Use purple face and body paint to make your skin the color of his.

Then, you will also need a mask that looks like Thanos’ unique face and head. On your chest, you can wear a premade Thanos vest.

On your lower half, you can wear a simple pair of brown pants. Wear a pair of calf-height boots made to match the “armor” vest.

Finally, get a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet to wear around.

Thanos Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Thanos Cosplay Costume

The Thanos costume is a great choice for lovers of the Marvel universe. He is one of the most notorious villains, and after the release of Infinity War, he became more popular than ever.

He has a distinct look with purple skin that is sure to make this costume recognizable, even to casual fans.

Take this Thanos costume to the next level by having friends dress up as his daughters, Nebula and Gamora. They could also dress as members of the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers, like Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Thor, Black Widow, etc.

Thanos Costume

About Thanos

Thanos was born on Titan, Saturn’s moon. When he was a boy, he convinced his mother he’d kill all life in the universe, prompting her to try and kill him.

When Thanos grew up, he attempted a modified version of that plan: bringing balance to the universe by getting rid of half of the life in existence.

In order to accomplish this, the determined Thanos had to first collect the five infinity stones. When placed into the Infinity Gauntlet, he would be more powerful and could snap his fingers to execute his will.

What makes Thanos a compelling character is the fact that he seems to think he is doing the right thing. This made him a villain that fans loved to hate.

What is the most famous quote from Thanos?

1. “What I’m About To Do To Your Stubborn, Annoying Little Planet, I’m Gonna Enjoy It, Very, Very Much.”

2. “I Will Shred This Universe Down To Its Last Atom. And Then… Create A New One… A Grateful Universe.”

3. “The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Wills.”

4. “Reality Is Often Disappointing. Now, Reality Can Be Whatever I Want.”

5. “Fine. I’ll Do It Myself.”

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