Jigsaw costume 0 (0)

Jigsaw costume

If you’re a great fan of the Saw, then the Jigsaw costume is a great choice for you. Commonly known as the “Jigsaw,” he is one of the main characters from the Saw film series. Jigsaw’s name comes from John cutting a jigsaw piece from dead people’s skin as a symbol of their lack of … Read more

Ghostface: Horror Movie Icon 1 (1)

ghostface cosplay

Perhaps one of the most recognizable characters in the horror genre, the Ghostface cosplay is one that most horror lovers will try at some point. Ghostface is every bit as iconic and popular as other legendary horror characters, such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Ghostface is not just one person but is instead several different serial killers who use the same disguise. Ghostface was first seen in the classic Wes Craven movie, Scream, released in 1996. He is the disguise that the serial killers use to torment the teenager Sidney Prescott. He hunts her and her friends like Casey Becker down in the movie, wearing the mask and costume the entire time.

Patrick Bateman: A Psychopathic Serial Killer 4 (1)

American Psycho costume

The famous American Psycho costume where Patrick Batemen gives a bloody lesson on music is quite famous. It is not the first time we have seen unsettling behavior from him. Batemen is an average working American who has a job on Wall Street. He is known for his meticulous personality and cleanliness. He is also known for his love of music and money in equal measure.

IT: The Violent Clown 0 (0)

it costume

Ever since the remake of Stephen King’s classic, “IT,” the IT costume has grown increasingly popular. Lovers of horror have been dressing as Pennywise the clown, especially his new and improved 2017 movie version. Pennywise is a monster who terrorizes the small town of Derry, Maine. He especially targets children. Pennywise returns once every 27 years to the town to wreak his havoc on the kids there. Pennywise is known for his terrifying supernatural powers, including shape-shifting and manipulation, making him harder to stop.

Wendy Torrance: A Mother Who Desperately Protects Her Son 0 (0)

wendy torrance costume

If you want to try out the Wendy Torrance costume, you will like it quite a bit since it fits the horror element. This character is played by Shelley Duvall, and it’s from The Shining, a great novel by Stephen King. Her husband, Jack Torrance, is going crazy, and she fights him, trying to stay alive and also keep her son alive. It’s very different from all the other things you can find out there but also iconic.

Jack Torrance: Creepy Maniac With An Axe 0 (0)

jack torrance costume

It’s a great idea to try out this simple yet creepy Jack Torrance costume at a Halloween party. The Shining is so famous horror film. Not just for its unforgettable shots, but because it upended the conventions of the genre. Jack Torrance and his family became winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel on a mountain. It’s haunted there, causing some bad things to happen and putting his family in dire danger.

Candy Girl Purge: A Bloodthirsty Girl 0 (0)

candy girl purge costume

How about trying out the Candy Girl Purge costume this Halloween? This character from The Purge Election Year is impressive, but it also comes with many great ideas. The franchise is fantastic, and it has a cult following, so they are always trying to up the ante with new characters. And that’s precisely where Candy Girl comes from. She is a high schooler named Kimmy. She wanted to rob a candy store, but she was unsuccessful, so she tried to exact revenge during the Purge night.