Clockwork Orange Costume 0 (0)

Clockwork Orange Costume

A Clockwork Orange is a Stanley Kubrick film based on Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel of the same name. Malcolm McDowell plays Alex DeLarge, a leader of his antisocial gang of thugs called droogs, who commit terrible acts of violence for no apparent reason.   This film follows Alex’s crimes, capture, and rehabilitation through an experimental … Read more

Undertaker Costume 0 (0)

Undertaker Costume

The Undertaker costume is great for lovers of professional wrestling. Better known by his stage name, Mark William Calaway, The Undertaker is one of the most feared opponents in WWE. He is known to have horror-themed outfits and personas that make him even scarier. The Undertaker has had 21 straight wins at WrestleMania and has … Read more

Last-Minute Mad Hatter Costume Idea 0 (0)

mad hatter costume

A Mad Hatter costume is sure to be one of the most easily recognizable at any costume event. The Mad Hatter is a character from Alice in Wonderland.

In the first adaptation of the book, he had a quirky but rather tame style. In the newer movie, the Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp, looks much more eccentric.

He works as a hatmaker with a dark past. Long ago, his village was burned down by the Red Queen. It left him to go insane, which earned him the nickname of the Mad Hatter.

But he is really quite intelligent. He is also a good sword fighter and very energetic.

Goofy: Lovable and Silly Disney Character 5 (3)

goofy costume

The Goofy costume is among the most famous ones you could ever wear. Goofy is a lovable character of Walt Disney’s original creation. He is often found in the Mickey Mouse franchise. Along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse, goofy goes on many adventures. Much like his name suggests, Goofy has quite a silly personality. He is quite optimistic and always stays on the bright side of things. Goofy is also not that smart, and he can be a bit careless and clumsy. Goofy also has a son named Max, who often deals with their unpleasant neighbor, Pete. He lives with a cute dog who has equally floppy ears. The dog’s name is Pluto.

Violet and Willy Wonka: The Gum Lover and the Candyman 5 (1)

violet willy wonka costume

The Violet Willy Wonka costumes are all the rage right now! Violet and Willy Wonka are two well-known characters from Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the two movie adaptations of the novel. Violet and Willy Wonka are two very colorful characters, both in personality and character design. If you and your friend or partner want to both dress up as Willy Wonka characters, you can’t go wrong with dressing as Violet and Willy Wonka!

Last-Minute Bloodborne Cosplay Idea 0 (0)

bloodborne cosplay

Many people know Bloodborne from its gameplay or from seeing it played on Twitch. Bloodborne is a game full of cosplay potential, with many characters that are unique in their design and backstories. Bloodborne is wildly popular among the cosplay community, and it’s not hard to see why.

The game is set in an eerie, gothic world full of incredibly complex characters. Bloodborne also has a unique combat system for some excellent cosplay action. Not only is it a game that is indeed fun to play but also a treasure trove of ideas that you can get for your following cosplay opportunities.