Last-Minute Doctor Who Missy Costume Idea

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  1. Doctor Who Missy Costume
  2. Black Flat Top Hat
  3. Brown Cameo Brooch
  4. Black Boots
  5. Lace Umbrella

Easy DIY Doctor Who Missy Costume Guide

Missy, the self-proclaimed Queen of Evil, played by Michelle Gomez, is a significant character in the BBC sci-fi franchise Doctor Who. She is the first female incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Master, adopting the name “Missy” as an abbreviation of “Mistress.” Throughout The Twelfth Doctor’s tenure, she serves as a major antagonist and stands out for being the only redeemable incarnation of the Master.

To dress like Missy, you will need a Doctor Who Missy Costume paired with Black Boots and a Black Flat Top Hat. Then, add a Brown Cameo Brooch and Black Lace Umbrella to complete the look.

About Missy From Doctor Who

Missy is known to be arrogant and condescending. Missy’s primary goal is to rekindle her friendship with the Doctor. She is also power-hungry and wants to take over the universe. She believes she can convince him that they are similar by offering him the power to end tyranny with an army of Cybermen. Despite her efforts, the Doctor resists the temptation.

She is also noteworthy for her potential for redemption. To rehabilitate her, the Twelfth Doctor and Nardole imprison Missy in a Quantum Fold Chamber within a vault at St Luke’s University. The Doctor aims to rebuild their friendship on his terms. However, just as a breakthrough seems imminent, Missy reunites with her previous incarnation.

In a tragic turn of events, Missy decides to join the Doctor but is killed by her former self before fully redeeming herself. Despite her redemption, her demise occurs without hope, witness, and reward, marking a complex and poignant end to her character arc.

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