L Death Note Costume 0 (0)

L Death Note Costume

An L costume is sure to become a blast among millennial cosplayers who had the fortune of experiencing Death Note. L Lawliet is one of the main characters from the Death Note series. He is a world-famous detective who takes up the greatest challenges the Criminal World has to offer. His most notable case was … Read more

Trixie Tang Costume 0 (0)

Trixie Tang Costume

If you’re a fan of Nickelodeon shows, you probably know Trixie Tang from The Fairly Odd Parents. She is one of the richest girls in Dimmsdale Elementary School, which makes her the most popular, and she acts as the leader of the rich kids in school. Because of this, she is known to be mean, … Read more

Victor Van Dort (Corpse Bride) Costume 0 (0)

victor van dort costume

Victor Van Dort is the main character in Corpse Bride, which debuted in the year 2005. This stop animation film sees Johnny Depp as the voice actor for the character.

Victor Van Dort is shown to be a nervous, shy, and rather clumsy character who is rather charming in his way. He is the son of a family who became newly wealthy.

In the movie, he is preparing to marry his fiancé, Victoria. Before the wedding, he practiced wearing the ring on a tree branch.

Surprisingly, this branch is actually the finger of a dead woman named Emily. Emily now thinks that the two of them are married.

Victor Van Dort must then figure out how best to get rid of Emily and her delusions about their relationship so he can marry Victoria.

Dabi (My Hero Academia) Cosplay 5 (1)

dabi cosplay

When it comes to the villains of the My Hero Academia anime, Dabi stands head and shoulders above the others. In addition to being a leader in the Vanguard Action Squad, he is also one of the squad’s most formidable members.

He is the Pro Hero Endeavor’s eldest kid. He went crazy as a result of his father’s negligence and eventually became evil.

Dabi joined the League of Villains, serving first as a member of the Vanguard Action Squad before its dissolution and then as one of the PLF’s nine lieutenants.

His ability to generate blue flames and fend off attacks by burning them away and enclosing his enemies in massive firewalls. It won’t take long for him to wipe out an entire opposing army using his skills.

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball) Costume 0 (0)

chi-chi costume

Chi-Chi debuts in Dragon Ball Z as a goodhearted heroine. She seems to be the Ox daughter King and romances Goku, one of the show’s central figures.

Even though she is usually portrayed as a timid and fearful young lady, don’t be fooled; only the most reserved people may get irate.

Her dad has a reputation for being a bit of a jerk, but her friends and family perceive her as a sweetheart.

Severus Snape: Eerie Professor 0 (0)

snape costume

Severus Snape is one of the iconic characters from the Harry Potter franchise. He is a professor at the magical wizarding school, Hogwarts. He is played by Alan Rickman as a coldhearted wizard who is not very trustworthy. He begins the story as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, eventually working his way to becoming the headmaster of the school. The complex nature of the character of Severus Snape makes him a favorite.

Goku (Dragon Ball) Costume 0 (0)

goku costume

Goku and Dragon Ball Z has always been a part of our childhood. Goku costumes have been popular among kids for many years now. But with the recent release of Dragon Ball Super, Goku costumes are also becoming increasingly popular among adults.

Goku is known for his kind heart and his unyielding determination. He has always been willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and has saved the world on many occasions.

Goku is also known for his love of food and fighting and his inability to tell a lie. He is also known for his equally iconic and famous catchphrase, “I am the strongest!”

Pablo Escobar: The Wealthiest Notorious Criminal 0 (0)

pablo escobar costume

Pablo Escobar is the head of the notorious Medellin Cartel and the character that Wagner Moura plays in the Feature film Narcos. This is a true-crime thriller influenced by Martin Scorsese strongly. The film centers on a Colombian drug lord named Pablo Escobar. He was defeated by their own rivals while working with the Medellin cartel in their quest for total global drug cartel domination.

Tina Belcher: A Quirky Teenage Girl 0 (0)

tina belcher costume

When it comes to female fans of the genre who want to dress up like a character, the Tina Belcher costume is among the most popular options. Perhaps every admirer of Bob’s Burgers loves Tina Belcher since she is her unique personality yet strives to blend in well with the rest of the kids. They especially appreciate the notion that she’s just a teenager girl that somehow still likes animals and rainbows and also, well – butts. She is also very eccentric, which would be the typical weirdness teenagers encounter when they shift from childhood to adulthood. She initially attempted to reject her fascination with boys but quickly embraced it and realized there’s nothing wrong with it.