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  1. Zhongli Full Costume
  2. Zhongli Wig
  3. Zhongli Shoes
  4. Weapon Prop

Easy DIY Zhongli Costume Guide

Zhongli is the consultant for Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in the game Genshin Impact, based in the Liyue region. Known to very few, he is the current vessel of the Geo Archon, Morax, who has decided to experience the world as a mortal. Using his godly Geo abilities in battle, he can produce the strongest shield in the game and delivers swift attacks majestically using his polearm weapon. Handsome, elegant, and highly learned, Zhongli remains an enigma to most residents. But almost everyone knows that he is a master of courtesy and rules. Alongside the parlor director, Hu Tao, he performs all rituals with dignity and respect.

To dress like Zhongli, wear a full Zhongli costume and Zhongli cosplay boots. Wear a Zhongli cosplay wig and hands on a weapon prop of his signature polearm, the Vortex Vanquisher.

About Zhongli From Genshin Impact

Zhongli is calm, reserved, polite, and almost always has an air of nostalgia about him. He usually remains stoic for duty but also has a prominent sentimental side. As the Geo Archon, he knows everything about Liyue’s history and has many experiences and memories to share. This is because he was one of the Original Seven and one of the oldest beings living in Teyvat.

He holds many philosophical ideas about money and has immense respect for traditions. A running gag is that he is very careless with Mora and is often broke due to being the creator of Mora himself!

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