Last-Minute John Marston Costume Idea

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  1. Dark Blue Jacket
  2. Light Brown Shirt
  3. Black Hat
  4. Striped Pants
  5. Gloves
  6. brown satchel
  7. Gun Prop
  8. Belt And Holster
  9. Bullet Belt
  10. Brown Boots

Easy DIY John Marston Cosplay Guide

Good ol’ John is the central figure in the “Red Dead Redemption” series. He is a former outlaw but wants to attempt to leave his violent past behind and create a stable and loving environment for his family. His journey is about redemption, self-discovery, and survival within the harsh realities of the American Wild West.

To dress like John Marston, get started simply with a white long-sleeve linen shirt and compliment it with a black retro long-sleeve snap shirt. Throw on a brown leather suit vest and a black leather trench coat over it all. You’ll need a pair of Black Stripe Jeans for the lower half. Procure a Western Cowboy hat, tie a Holster Belt to fasten everything, with a Gun Belt and Holster on the side. Don’t forget to put on a pair of black men’s boots and purchase a prop of a Western Revolver to act as your trusty gun of choice!

About John Marston From Red Dead Redemption

In Red Dead Redemption 2, we see John’s history as a Van der Linde gang member. He was a loyal and dependable member, but he soon began to question the leadership of Dutch van der Linde and the gang’s criminal lifestyle.

I love John because of his rugged yet principled character. He may be a man of few words, but his strong sense of honor and loyalty are simultaneous. This character’s complex morality is a driving force in the narrative. He is ready to do what it takes to achieve his goals; John yearns for a better life for his family, even if it means resorting to bloody violence.

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