How We Review Products

Costumes Heaven provides the best cosplay guides & Halloween costume ideas. We help your cosplay costumes come true from concept to the final thing.  There is so much fun to be had in a good-quality cosplay costume, after all. 

We provide guides, information on each character, and tips and suggestions to help you make your cosplay costume easy and fun.  We offer the best variety of the latest hits from movies, TV shows, anime, video games, and more.

We thought you would be interested to learn how we select the products you find in our guides.

What To Look For In Cosplay Costume

Personality: The character’s costume should reveal their traits, status, preferences, and quirks.

Relationships: The costume should assist the audience in comprehending the actor’s connection to the other characters and the play itself.

History: Consult costume and history books, as well as historical portrait paintings, to study the clothing from that era. Compare the accurate historical costumes to the ones in the movie.

Respect: Remind employees that even on Halloween, the basic rules still apply, such as wearing respectful clothing that does not offend or mock any protected group.

Originality: Choose an idea that’s distinctive, creative, and reflects your personality or the sponsor’s brand. Humor Costumes that are cute or funny have a better chance of winning than gruesome costumes.

What We Do


We regularly review product ratings given by real customers

We are actively involved in the community and noting important feedback

We actively speak to industry experts to understand critical product issues

Brand History

We frequently monitor brand recalls and manufacturing issues

We only recommend products from reputable companies

We only recommend products from companies with proven quality standards


All recommendations are made of durable, hardwearing materials

All recommendations are certified as safe for toddlers

All recommendations are made from non-toxic materials

Pricing and Positioning

We only recommend premium products where the benefits are clear

We offer a range of recommendations for various budget ranges

We always scrutinize the advantages of premium materials


We only recommend widely available products

We only recommend products that offer country-wide USA delivery

We only recommend products that offer International shipping

What We Don’t Do


We don’t write reviews in exchange for monetary compensation

We always clearly disclose when a post has been sponsored

We always clearly label when we’ve been gifted a product for review