Tadashi Hamada Costume

Tadashi Hamada Costume featured

Taken from the movie Big Hero 6, the Tadashi Hamada costume reflects the character Tadashi. Tadashi Hamada is the older brother of Hiro Hamada. He is a tech wizard who is bright and capable. Tadashi Hamada was actually responsible for creating Baymax. Baymax is a helpful robot that serves as a personal healthcare companion. Unfortunately, … Read more

A-Spen Costume

A-Spen costume featured

The A-Spen costume mimics the one worn by A-Spen, a character in Zombies 3. This was a Disney Channel original movie. A-Spen is a non-binary person who is played by the actor Terry Hu, who is also non-binary. A-Spen is an ultra-intelligent person who is also a telepathic alien. They stand in as the leaders … Read more

Mavis Dracula Costume

Mavis Dracula Costume featured

The Mavis Dracula costume is made to look like one of the main characters of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.  Selena Gomez lends her voice to the character of Mavis. Mavis Dracula appears as a teenage-looking vampire, even though she is nearly 118 years old.  She has lived most of her life in Hotel Transylvania and … Read more

Voldemort Costume

Voldemort Costume featured

The Voldemort costume reflects the dramatic style of dress of the Harry Potter villain, Voldemort. He goes by other names as well, including Lord Voldemort and Tom Riddle. Voldemort is one of the most infamous villains in fiction. He is so terrifying in the world of Harry Potter that people do not even say his … Read more

 The Crow Costume

The Crow Costume featured

The Crow costume is an iconic choice for movie buffs. It is named after Eric Draven, who is one of the leading characters in the movie The Crow. The Crow quickly became a cult classic not long after its release. It is especially popular among lovers of the Gothic aesthetic. The story revolves around Eric, … Read more