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Bob Newby Costume

Bob Newby is a beloved character in Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things. The character is played by Sean Astin. Bob Newby begins dating Joyce Byers, a woman caught up in the grief of losing her son to the Upsidedown. He is a nerdy character who loves technology and is quite good at solving puzzles. He … Read more

Billy Hargrove Costume 0 (0)

Billy Hargrove Costume

A Billy Hargrove costume is an excellent choice for any fan of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery, appears in season two of the series. He is Max‘s older stepbrother. Billy is an abusive and violent character who ends up falling into the role of the typical 80s bad … Read more

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Barb Holland costume

The Barb Holland costume is perfect for those who love the Netflix series Stranger Things. Barb was an average high school girl who stood out for being different. She did not fit into the typical norms of appearance. Barb was tall and curvy. She is very smart and a loyal best friend to one of … Read more

Max Mayfield ( Stranger Things) Outfits 5 (1)

max mayfield outfits

The Max Mayfield outfits are perfect for those who want to wear a not-so-girly costume and stuff.

Max Mayfield is one of the characters of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. This science fiction series is about several supernatural events that occur in Hawkins, Indiana, and how they affect the lives of the townspeople.

Max Mayfield was first seen in season 2 of Stranger Things. Because of her tough personality, she became an instant hit together with the other characters from the series.

Many people are using Max Mayfield outfits for their costume parties because of their laid-back style – perfect for those looking for a comfortable outfit for parties.