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Chrissy Cunningham Costume

The Chrissy Cunningham costume comes from the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Chrissy Cunningham is a character that shows up in the fourth season of the show. At first glance, Chrissy Cunningham looks like your average teenage cheerleader. Inside, she deals with a lot of secret struggles, such as with her body image and an … Read more

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Grigori Costume

A Grigori costume is sure to be a mega-hit among millennial cosplayers who grew up watching Stranger Things. Grigori is a recurring antagonist in Season Three of the Stranger Things series. He was a Russian soldier and hitman who answered to General Stepanov. This man was present in the U.S. during the Soviet Union’s secret … Read more

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Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume

The Eleven (Yellow Shirt) costume reflects one of the outfits that the character Eleven wears in the show Stranger Things. Eleven is played by the actress Millie Bobbie Brown. In the series, Eleven shows up in the first episode. It is revealed in short order that she was an experiment at the Hawkins National Library, … Read more