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Jim Hopper Costume is sure to be a big hit among millennial cosplayers who love everything about Stranger Things.

James “Jim” Hopper, commonly known as Hopper, is one of the main characters of the Stranger Things series. He is portrayed by none other than actor David Harbour.

Hopper is the chief of police in the small, sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. He would live here without a care in the world, despite being forever haunted by his troubled past.

His life got infinitely more complicated the moment his old friend, Joyce Byers, reported that her son Will had mysteriously disappeared.

Thus, he began unraveling the conspiracy concerning the Hawkins National Laboratory. Here he discovered that the lab had conducted experiments that accidentally opened a gate to an alternate dimension.

His Hawaiian shirt look gives the impression that he’s a normal dude, but he is an expert combatant and marksman in peak human condition.

You’ll Need:

  1. Hawaiian Shirt
  2. Light Brown Canvas Belt
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Fake Mustaches
  5. Silver Watch
  6. Fake Blood
  7. Brown Walking Shoes

DIY Jim Hopper Costume Guide

Jim instantly became a popular and iconic character from Stranger Things thanks to his memorable personality and outfit.

This simple and colorful ensemble makes him stand out among other characters and has become a style loved by fans of the series.

His popularity and Hawaiian shirt look make this cosplay a common one. With our Jim Hopper costume guide below, you too can dress like him with ease.

The most unforgettable part of Jim’s outfit is his regular-fit Hawaiian shirt, which flaunts light pink and turquoise. Pair this up with a pair of regular-fit classic blue jeans.

Next, procure a light brown canvas belt and a pair of simple men’s brown shoes.

Find yourself a silver stainless steel watch to be worn on your left wrist. You cannot forget Jim’s signature mustache either, so purchase a fake black mustache.

Finally, get some fake blood to further enhance the look. Make sure your hair is dark brown, short, and combed back as well.

Jim Hopper Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jim Hopper Cosplay Costume

Over time, James has become something of a police icon. His simple manner of dressing and trademark mustache are easily recognizable, even by people who have never watched Stranger Things.

This is especially true among people who enjoy casual styles and clothing, as she dresses in a simplistic manner.

Embrace the police nature within you the way he does and blow everyone away with this Jim Hopper cosplay. Fortunately, it is a fairly simple ensemble made from a few core pieces that can be pieced together in no time.

Wouldn’t it be a superb idea to do a Stranger Things group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Sara Hopper, Diane, Eleven, and Joyce Byers to crash any party with you!

Jim Hopper Costume

About Jim Hopper from Stranger Things

When he was around 18 years old, Hopper was drafted into the US Army Chemical Corps via a letter of induction to fight in the Vietnam War. Here, he was exposed to dangerous chemicals like Agent Orange.

Regardless, Hopper’s wife, Diane, was able to give birth to their daughter, Sara, but she developed cancer at a young age. The heavy loss left Hopper emotionally reserved and cynical.

As a coping mechanism, he started drinking, smoking, and taking anti-anxiety drugs. Even so, after taking in Eleven, he grew to be highly sympathetic and responsible, and they forged a real bond once again.

What is the most famous quote from Jim Hopper?

1. “I’m not gonna hurt him. I’m just giving him the opportunity to get his own damn cherry Slurpee.”

2. “Emotions have been shared. Boundaries have been set. Order has been restored.”

3. “Keep on growing up, kid. Don’t let me stop you. Make mistakes, learn from them and when life hurts you—because it will—remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you’re out of that cave. But please, if you don’t mind, for the sake of your old dad, keep the door open three inches.”

4. “You wanna know the worst thing that’s ever happened here in the four years I’ve been working here? It’s when an owl attacked Eleanor Gillespie’s head because it thought that her hair was a nest.”

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