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A Grigori costume is sure to be a mega-hit among millennial cosplayers who grew up watching Stranger Things.

Grigori is a recurring antagonist in Season Three of the Stranger Things series. He was a Russian soldier and hitman who answered to General Stepanov.

This man was present in the U.S. during the Soviet Union’s secret operation in Hawkins, Indiana, during which a secret scientific facility was constructed under Starcourt Mall.

As one of the various operatives in charge of keeping the whole operation secret, Grigori was allowed to use force if deemed necessary. Portrayed by actor Andrey Ivchenko, he is a truly memorable villain.

Despite his quite ordinary appearance, Grigori is an expert combatant and skilled assassin whose weapon of choice is a silenced pistol.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Long-Sleeve Work Shirt
  2. Black Crew Neck T-Shirt
  3. Black Work Pants
  4. Black Fingerless Gloves
  5. Black Dress Belt
  6. Fake Blood
  7. Black Motorcycle Boots

DIY Grigori Costume Guide

Grigori instantly became a popular and iconic character from Stranger Things thanks to his skills and simple outfit.

This dark and battle-ready ensemble makes him stand out among his peers and has become a style loved by modern-day cosplayers.

His popularity and badass appearance make the Grigori cosplay a common one. Follow our Grigori costume guide below to nail the look with ease.

Get started with a simple black crew-neck t-shirt. Complement this with a regular-fit pair of simple dark gray work pants.

Next, purchase a dark gray men’s button-down shirt that matches the pants. The sleeves should be rolled up to the elbows and kept unbuttoned. Follow it up with a simple black dress belt.

Now procure a badass pair of black motorcycle boots, perfect for dishing out the dirty work. A pair of black fingerless gloves will further enhance the vibe.

Hopper vs Russian Fight Scene – Stranger Things | Halloween Costume Ideas

Grigori Cosplay Costume

Over time, Grigori has become something of a Hitman icon. His badass manner of dress and T-800-like appearance are easily recognisable, even by people who have never watched Stranger Things.

This is especially true among people who enjoy practical styles and clothing, as he dresses in a simple manner.

Embrace the soldier nature within you the way he does and surprise everyone with this Grigori cosplay. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy ensemble made from simple pieces that can be pieced together in record time.

Why not do a Stranger Things group cosplay this Halloween to enhance everyone’s fun? Get your friends to dress up as Larry Kline, Jim Hopper, Joyce Byers, and Alexei and crash any party with you!

Finally, you will need some fake blood to portray the brutality of the character. Don’t forget that the hair should be short, dark brown, and spiky.

Grigori Costume

About Grigori from Stranger Things

Not much is known about Grigori’s personality. He would always perform his tasks with machine-like focus and follow a no-nonsense lifestyle.

He is notably disrespectful to his fellow Soviet comrades, all except for his commander, Comrade-General Stepanov. At the same time, he harbored disdain for Americans, who are the primary geopolitical rivals of the USSR.

One thing is for sure: he is super aggressive! He is very likely to lose his temper and physically threaten others. On the other hand, he is deeply loyal to his country and would not pull any punches in that regard.

What is the most famous quote from Grigori?

1. “No. You won’t do that.”

2. ‘‘Because you are policeman. Policemen have rules.”

3. “Traitor.”

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