Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume

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The Eleven (Yellow Shirt) costume reflects one of the outfits that the character Eleven wears in the show Stranger Things. Eleven is played by the actress Millie Bobbie Brown.

In the series, Eleven shows up in the first episode. It is revealed in short order that she was an experiment at the Hawkins National Library, which left her with supernatural abilities.

These magical feats helped her eventually escape the lab. They include things like biokinesis, telekinesis, and technopathy.

These gifts are eventually used to help the group of kids who find her. She uses them with her unique knowledge to help save their friend from the upside

The Eleven (yellow shirt) costume comes from one of the scenes in the show where Eleven is out in the world. Its vibrancy made it quite memorable among fans.

If Eleven is your favorite character from Stranger Things, you can portray her in this Eleven (Yellow Shirt) cosplay. Keep reading to learn how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Eleven Shirt, EyeMask and Strap
  2. White Crew Socks
  3. Black Dress Pants
  4. Fake Blood
  5. Black Bandana
  6. White Reebok Sneakers

DIY Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume Guide

Due to the highly unique nature of the costume, it is best to get a replica shirt that has already been made. You can buy the whole Eleven yellow shirt costume, including the pants, or just get the shirt and pair it with your own bottoms.

Get an American flag bandana to wear to accessorize. A simple pair of white socks and white shoes will do just fine for your feet.

Finally, obtain some fake blood. You should apply it under your nose and on your lips. This will mimic the look of the nosebleeds she gets when using her powers.

Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume Cosplay

The Eleven (yellow shirt) is one of the many outfits that the girl wears throughout the show. As she gets older, her style becomes more mature. This is one of the ensembles that she wears.

It is fairly easy to piece together thanks to its casual nature and is perfect for anyone who prefers retro 1980s style.

This costume is subtle enough that it can be worn as a discreet daytime costume as well.

Make this costume even more unique by turning it into a group costume. Get some friends to dress up as other characters from this scene specifically.

Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume

About Eleven (Yellow Shirt)

Eleven is a main character on the show who has come quite a long way since her first appearance. When she arrives on the show, she is scared and dependent on her friends. Eleven is practically nonverbal.

Over time, she gains confidence and an understanding of how the world works. As she does, her sense of style evolves along with her wants.

The Eleven (yellow shirt) costume is one of the different outfits she experiments with as she seeks greater independence.

If this outfit stuck out to you when watching Stranger Things, you can replicate it with an Eleven (yellow shirt) costume of your own.

Above, you’ll find steps to take to create an Eleven (yellow shirt) costume to wear to your next Halloween party or convention.

What is the most famous quote from Eleven (Yellow Shirt)?

1.    “I have gone to be a superhero again.”

2.    “Mike, I love you too.”

3.    “I make my own rules.”

4.    “I can save them.”

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