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The Billy Lifeguard costume is taken from the Netflix series Stranger Things. One of the recurring characters, Billy Hargrove, takes a job as a lifeguard at the Hawkins Pool.

Billy Hargrove is considered to be among the most infamous of the characters on the show. In season two, he shows himself to be your run-of-the mill high school bully. In season three, we see this character working as a lifeguard at the Hawkins Pool.

He is considered a complex character who is angry but still manages to remain charming. He is volatile and unpredictable, often turning his back on his friends.

It is easy to see that his childhood with an abusive father has influenced his behavior today. Because of this, many people find Billy Hargrove to be a sympathetic character.

Below, we will show you how you can create your own Billy Hargrove costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Billy Tank Top
  2. Brown Wig
  3. Red Swim Shorts
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Lifeguard Whistle
  6. Gold Necklace
  7. Single-use Skul Tattoo

DIY Billy Lifeguard Costume Guide

The Billy Lifeguard costume consists of simple pieces. It begins with a black sleeveless shirt and a pair of short red swim shorts.

Around your neck, you can wear a red lifeguard whistle to make it clear what you are dressing as. Then, you can get a white towel to carry around with you.

Customize this lifeguard costume with things that are specific to Billy. This includes getting a temporary skull tattoo to stick on your skin.

You can further accessorize this costume with a gold necklace and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Carry around some red Solo cups to add to the look.

Finally, get a wig that matches the famous style of hair that Billy Hargrove has.

Billy Lifeguard – Stranger Things | Halloween Costume Ideas

Billy Lifeguard Costume Cosplay

This particular Billy Hargrove costume reflects the scenes where he is working as a lifeguard. Since the show is set in the 1980s, his work uniform reflects that.

The Billy Lifeguard costume is a great choice for anyone who loves retro 80s style. It is also a comfortable, breezy costume that is easy to move around in, making it perfect for summer.

Billy Lifeguard Costume

About Billy Lifeguard Costume

The Billy Lifeguard costume is the work uniform of Billy Hargrove while he works as a lifeguard. This takes place in season three of the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Over the seasons, Billy Hargrove has been a recurring character that fans love. His complex personality has been explored throughout the seasons.

Billy Hargrove begins as your average high school bully with a quick temper and little regard for those around him. He has a very rough-and-tumble nature that makes him hard to be around at times.

A flashback shows viewers that Billy Hargrove is traumatized by his past, living with an abusive father. As it is clear that this is why he acts the way he does, Billy Hargrove is a sympathetic character to many viewers.

Above, we’ve outlined how to create your own Billy Lifeguard costume. By following these steps, you will get it ready in no time.

What is the most famous quote from Billy Lifeguard?

1. “Don’t take it too hard man, pretty boy like you doesn’t have anything to worry about. Plenty of bitches in the sea.”

2. “You smell that Mags? That’s actually shit. Cow shit. [I don’t see any cows] Clearly you haven’t met the high school girls.”

3. “Oh, hi. I, uh, didn’t realize Nancy had a sister.”

4. “That’s how you do it Hawkins, that’s how you do it!”

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