Morton Salt Girl Costume

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The Morton Salt Girl costume depicts the iconic logo of the Morton table salt company. The logo came about in 1914 and is one of the most famous logos today.

Over the years, the Morton Salt Girl has changed her looks with the times. The most recent iteration was in 2014. No matter how much her clothing changes, she is still easily recognizable to nearly everyone.

Below, we will show you how to dress in a Morton Salt Girl costume. Read on to learn more.

You’ll Need:

  1. Yellow Dress
  2. Yellow Bob Wig
  3. Skin Reflection Panty Hose
  4. White Umbrella
  5. Morton Iodized Salt
  6. Yellow Ballet Flats

DIY Morton Salt Girl Costume Guide

The first thing you will need is a yellow dress with long sleeves and a midi-length hem. Under the dress, you can wear a pair of skin-toned stockings.

She wears a matching pair of yellow shoes on her feet and carries with her a large, white umbrella. Capture the look of her blonde bob haircut by getting a wig that matches it.

Optionally, you can carry around a bottle of Morton Salt with you to finish off the costume.

Morton Salt Girl – Speedpaint | Halloween Costume Ideas

Morton Salt Girl Costume Cosplay

The Morton Salt Girl costume, no matter how it changes over the years, always has a short yellow dress. It’s a fun costume to dress in for those who like colorful attire and the chic look of the girl.

Because it is a midi dress, this cosplay is best worn in the spring or summer months when the weather is warmer. If it rains, you’ll be well prepared since the costume includes an umbrella.

Morton Salt Girl Costume

About Morton Salt Girl

The Morton Salt Girl is a logo that has been on the front of Morton Salt bottles for decades. She first appeared in 1914 and has since undergone a few subtle changes in her appearance.

This famous and iconic logo is easily recognizable to anyone who has used salt before and makes a timeless cosplay choice for cosplayers.

Above, you can learn how to create your own Morton Salt Girl costume. So get it ready for your next cosplay event.

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