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This Lisa cosplay comes right from the popular game Geshin Impact. She is a support class character that players can operate as.

Lisa is the head librarian among the Knights of Favonius. She takes her role as a librarian quite seriously. She is also a former student at Sumeru Academia.

Lisa is known to be wise with a serene personality, the softness of which contrasts against the spark of electric magic she uses to fight.

This makes her a fairly popular character to cosplay as well. If you want to cosplay Lisa, you can find out how by reading the article below.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lisa Cosplay Full Costume
  2. Wavy Blonde Wig
  3. Book Prop
  4. Lisa Cosplay Shoes

DIY Lisa Cosplay Guide

The ornate appearance of Lisa’s blue, gold, black and white attire might make it difficult to create on your own. Skip the headache by getting a ready-made Lisa cosplay for the foundation of the ensemble. This premade costume will come with her hat, which is one of the most important parts of her ensemble.

Because Lisa is so serious about her career as a librarian, you can accessorize her costume with one of the books she carries around with her. Get a blue and gold prop replica book to match her outfit.

On her feet, Lisa wears a simple pair of black and gold shoes that have small heels. On the toes, there is a golden butterfly style detail.

Lisa has long, blonde wavy hair with bangs across her forehead. Be sure to get a wig that matches this look in order to get the most accurate depiction possible.

Lisa Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Lisa Cosplay Costume

One of the most unique aspects of Lisa’s look is her hat. It is rather witchy, making her look like a sorceress. This therefore makes a great costume for anyone who likes the “witchy” aesthetic and also plays Genshin Impact.

If you want to take your Lisa cosplay to the next level, the best way to do that is to incorporate it as a part of a larger group costume. There is an abundance of characters in the game for your friends to choose from, so they can cosplay along with you.

Lisa Cosplay

About Lisa

Lisa is a support class character in the popular roleplaying game Genshin Impact. She is a popular character among players, both for her fighting style and her personality.

Lisa works for the Knights of Favonius as the Head Librarian, a position that she takes very seriously. She once attended Sumeru Academia as well.

Lisa has a reputation for being wise and intelligent. She is easy to be around due to her calm and easygoing personality.

When it comes time for combat, Lisa relies on her unique electric magic to get the job done.

Above, we’ve outlined the steps you’ll need to take to create your own Lisa cosplay. By following the guide above, you can quickly put together your own Lisa cosplay for your next convention, Halloween party, or other cosplay events.

What is the most famous quote from Lisa?

1. “You’re still up? I’m getting sleepy.”

2. “It must almost be time for a nap.”

3. “Yawn* Good morning, Jean… Oh, it’s you! Sorry, dear.”

4. “It’s nearly time for afternoon tea.”

5. “Hehe, you’ve really got a knack for this, haven’t you?”

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