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The Dustin Henderson costume reflects the typical outfit that is worn by the character, Dustin, on the TV series Stranger Things. He is played by the actor Gaten Matarazzo.

Dustin Henderson is considered a peacekeeper. He is always working to get his friends to get along with each other and cooperate.

He is a logical problem solver and is thought to be the most reasonable member of his friend group. Even when he is exposed to Eleven’s supernatural abilities for the first time, he manages to keep his cool.

This laid-back character quickly became a fan favorite for lovers of Stranger Things. If you favor Dustin Henderson, you can dress like him to show it.

In the article below, we will show you how to put together your own Dustin Henderson.

You’ll Need:

  1. Journeyman Shirt Jacket
  2. Waupaca Wisconsin T-Shirt
  3. Khaki Brown Corduroy Pant
  4. Curly Brown Wig
  5. Trucker Hat
  6. White Basketball Shoes
  7. Blue Denim Backpack
  8. Deluxe Map Compass
  9. Black Tooth Paint

DIY Dustin Henderson Costume Guide

Begin your Dustin Henderson costume with a Waupaca, Wisconsin, t-shirt. Over the top of it, wear a stone-washed denim jacket.

Then, pair that with a pair of tapered corduroy pants. Finish off the main foundation of the outfit with a pair of white basketball sneakers.

Dustin has curly hair that you can replicate with a wig. On top of the wig, place a two-tone trucker hat.

Accessorize this costume with a compass and slip a blue denim school backpack on your shoulders to complete the Dustin Henderson costume.

Dustin Henderson Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dustin Henderson Costume Cosplay

Dustin Henderson’s goal is an easy one to accomplish. His attire reflects that of your average 1980s kid, making it a great choice for those who love retro look.

It is also relaxed and comfortable. The simple nature of the costume means you may already have some of the pieces in your closet.

Make this costume stand out even more by turning it into a part of a group costume. Get some friends to dress up as other cast members on the show.

Dustin Henderson Costume

About Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson is one of the main characters in the TV series Stranger Things. He is portrayed by the actor Gaten Matarazzo.

Dustin is one of the most popular characters on the show, but in his world, he is anything but. Dustin is a nerdy kid who hangs out with his group of fellow outcasts, playing Dungeons and Dragons.

 The gang gets swept up in mysterious circumstances when one of their friends goes missing. It turns out that he ended up upside-down.

 This leads Dustin and his friends on a dangerous adventure with a girl named Eleven. When Eleven reveals that she has magical powers, Dustin barely bats an eye.

 He is an even-keeled person who doesn’t get shaken up easily. His friends see him as a level-headed peacekeeper who is always trying to get people to get along.

 If Dustin Henderson is your favorite character on Stranger Things, you can easily cosplay him. Above, we have given you the necessary steps to take to accomplish this.

What is the most famous quote from Dustin Henderson?

1. “ We never would’ve upset you if we knew you had super powers.”

2. “ Sorry, but you ate my cat.”

3. “ Yeah, that’s right! You better run! She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”

4. “ She will not be able to resist these pearls.”

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