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Pucca Costume

A Pucca costume is sure to positively stir up millennial cosplayers who grew up watching the well-known Animated series. Pucca is the titular main character from the Pucca animated series. She is a South-Korean superhuman girl who is continuously attempting to hug or kiss a ninja-in-training, Garu. She is the niece of Uncle Dumpling, Ho, … Read more

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Debbie Thornberry Costume

The Debbie Thornberry costume comes from the popular old cartoon, The Wild Thornberrys. Debbie is one of the supporting characters. Debbie Thornberry is stuck traveling around with her family who goes on adventures. The family looks for animals to film for their nature show. Debbie Thornberry is a typical teenager otherwise. She likes music, boys, … Read more

Doctor Who Missy Costume 0 (0)

Doctor Who Missy Costume

The Doctor Who Missy costume makes a great choice for fans of the series, Doctor Who. She is the female incarnation of a recurring character known as The Master. “Missy” is short for “Mistress.” Missy and Doctor Who grew up as childhood friends. Over time, Missy decided she wanted more power and came to hate … Read more

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Dougie Jones Costume

The Dougie Jones costume is a good choice for fans of Twin Peaks. The character was played by Kyle MacLachlan. There is not much known about Dougie Jones except that he was a doppelganger made of Dale Cooper, an FBI Agent. Though he is fake, he looks very real. Dougie Jones was killed and came … Read more