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The Dr. Alexei costume is taken from the Netflix show Stranger Things. It reflects the attire worn by the character Dr. Alexei, who is a Russian scientist.

Dr. Alexei doesn’t come into the show until season three. He works for the USSR and is the official responsible for making the key that will keep the gate open.

Since he works under a threatening boss, Dr. Alexei acts very meek and quiet, just doing his job to stay under his radar.

When he starts working with the gang, they quickly realize he doesn’t speak English. This makes trying to get information out of him a frustrating experience for the character, Hopper.

Dr. Alexei is very interested in American culture and yearns to live a normal life. He has an interesting story that has made fans of Stranger Things fans of himself.

In the article below, we will show you the steps to take to make a Dr. Alexei costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Dress Shirt
  2. White T-Shirt
  3. Pleated-Front Khaki Pants
  4. Aviator Clear Lenses Glasses
  5. Cell Phone Holster
  6. Timex Watch
  7. Woody Woodpecker Plush Toy
  8. Silver Handcuffs
  9. Black Belt
  10. Black Dress Loafers Shoes

DIY Dr. Alexei Costume Guide

The first thing you will need for the Dr. Alexei costume is a white t-shirt. Wear it underneath a brown or tan long-sleeve shirt. On that shirt, you can roll the sleeves up to the elbows to match the way he wears his shirts.

Step into a pair of pleated-front khaki pants and a pair of black dress shoes to complete the foundation of the Dr. Alexei costume. Finish it off with a black belt.

You can accessorize like Dr. Alexei by wearing a pair of aviator eyeglasses. He also wears a Timex watch on his wrist.

An optional way to improve this costume is to attach some fake handcuffs to yourself.

Alexei Living His American Dream – Stranger Things | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dr. Alexei Costume Cosplay

Dr. Alexei wears business-casual clothing that suggests his career as a scientist. Because the pieces of apparel he wears are so simple and common, you may already own some of the pieces you will need to complete the look.

One way to make this costume unique is to incorporate it into a group costume. You can have friends dress up as other members of the cast of Stranger Things.

Dr. Alexei Costume

About Dr. Alexei

Dr. Alexei is a character that appears in Stranger Things in season three. This character comes into the show as someone that Hopper thinks he can get information from, but that proves to be more difficult than expected.

This is due to the fact that Dr. Alexei is a Russian scientist who does not speak any English. It makes it difficult for him to navigate conversations and find his way around.

Dr. Alexei is a quiet man who does not want to make any waves, even though he has an important job: creating the all-important key. He presents himself as quiet.

Above, we’ve shown you how to make your own Dr. Alexei costume. By following the steps, you’ll have this costume ready for your next convention in no time.

What is the most famous quote from Dr. Alexei?

1. “Get that out of my face, you bald American pig.”

2. “Tell that stupid man it is not the same in the slightest, and I would like the cherry I requested.”

3. “Can we watch Looney Tunes now?”

4. “It’s not rigged!”

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