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Hu Tao Costume is sure to be a fiery hit among modern cosplayers who spend their days playing Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao is a fan-favorite playable character from the popular game Genshin Impact. Developed by MiHoYo, she is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

She is well-known in Liyue not only for her cheerful and playful personality but also for her mysterious and mischievous side. She enjoys speaking in riddles and teasing her friends.

She is a Pyro Vision Holder wielding a polearm in battle. Despite being released in March 2021, she is still a solid DPS character in an ever-changing game.

Her cute and small stature gives the impression that she is delicate, but she is adept at handling funerals and last rites, remaining solemn and respectful throughout.

You’ll Need:

  1. Hu Tao Full Costume
  2. Hu Tao Wig
  3. Hu Tao Cosplay Hat
  4. Hu Tao Shoes
  5. Hu Tao Socks

DIY Hu Tao Costume Guide

Hu Tao instantly became a popular character from Genshin Impact thanks to her quirky personality and Japanese voice actress, Takahashi Rie.

This unique and beautiful ensemble makes her stand out among other characters and has become a style beloved by gamers everywhere.

Hu Tao’s outfit is a blend of traditional and modern styles, making it a fun and challenging costume. Follow our Hu Tao costume guide below to easily mimic her look.

Get started with a full Hu Tao costume right away, which will handle the bulk of the cosplay. Purchase a Hu Tao wig next, which would include her long, flowing pigtails and bangs.

Next, procure a pair of Hu Tao socks, which are spotless white with the two red cord ornaments. Follow up with a pair of Hu Tao shoes, which are simple brown shoes with the Golden Line pattern.

Finally, you’ll need a Hu Tao cosplay hat with its signature crimson-red flowers. While it’s optional, consider getting a pair of Hu Tao contact lenses.

Hu Tao Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Hu Tao Cosplay Costume

If you’ve played Genshin Impact, Hu Tao must have held your attention at some point. Her playful personality and unique design make her a popular choice among cosplayers.

If you’re looking to take your cosplay to the next level, consider getting a prop of her signature polearm, the Staff of Homa, and a plush of her mischievous ghost companion.

Embrace the fire within you like she does and sweep everyone away with this Hu Tao cosplay. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy ensemble made from core pieces that can be pieced together in record time.

Why not attempt a Genshin Impact Group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Zhongli, Xiangling, and Qiqi and crash any party with you!

Hu Tao Costume

About Hu Tao from Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is an extremely lively and mischievous character who scampers all around Liyue. She often helps the travelers on their adventures, and there’s never a dull moment with her around.

Despite her usual demeanor, Hu Tao has a deep understanding and acceptance of the cycle of life and death, which is reflected in her work ethic. She is also very knowledgeable about Adepti and Liyue’s past.

While she isn’t a fighter in the lore, her gameplay in-game dishes out massive pyro damage that can nuke down enemies. On the other hand, her antics and eccentricity belie her talent as a poet.

What is the most famous quote from Hu Tao?

1. “When the sun’s out, bathe in sunlight. But when the moon’s out, bathe in moonlight.”

2. “Ahhhh~ What a nice breeze.”

3. “Vision… Vision… ? Oh, this thing? Yeah, whatever…”

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