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The Mary Katherine Gallagher costume comes from the movie Superstar. She is played by Molly Shannon, who became famous during her six-year run on Saturday Night Live.

Released in 1999, Superstar was an extension of the character, Mary Katherine Gallagher, that Molly Shannon played on SNL.

In the movie, Mary Katherine Gallagher has big dreams of being a famous superstar. She is also obsessed with getting her first kiss and having it be just like it is on the silver screen.

In order to get the attention she wants from boys, she plans to become famous.

Unfortunately, Mary Katherine Gallagher does not quite have the charisma and personality needed to achieve such a feat. She is an awkward but confident girl who gets nervous very easily.

Below, you can learn how to dress like this character in this Mary Katherine Gallagher costume guide.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Black Knitted Vest
  3. Plaid Pleated Skirt
  4. Black Cat Eye Glasses
  5. Navy Cross Tie
  6. Iron-On Flag
  7. White Sneakers
  8. Red Headband
  9. Keen High Socks

DIY Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Guide

The main piece of Mary Katherine Gallagher’s uniform is her Catholic school uniform. To start, you’ll need a white polo shirt with a collar.

Over the collar, you should slip on a black vest and button it up. To make it look like the uniform belongs to her school, you can get a patch to iron onto one side of the chest.

On her lower half, Mary Katherine Gallagher wears a blue plaid skirt. She tops it off with a pair of knee-high white socks. You can choose to wear either a pair of white or black sneakers to match.

Tie a small ribbon around your neck to complete the school uniform.

Then, you can focus on her accessories. Mary Katherine Gallagher wears a pair of cat-eye glasses to help her see. She also adds some style to her uniform with a red headband.

‘Superstar, Mary Katherine Gallagher’ With Natalie Morales | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mary Katherine Gallagher Cosplay Costume

Mary Katherine Gallagher is a student at a Catholic school, so her attire reflects that. Throughout the movie, she almost exclusively wears her Catholic school uniform.

This costume will be especially warm during the warmer months due to the short sleeves and the skirt that she wears.

Mary Katherine Gallagher costume.

About Mary Katherine Gallagher 

Mary Katherine Gallagher is a high school girl at a small Catholic school who has big dreams. She wants to become a famous celebrity who will be irresistible to boys.

She is fixated on getting herself the perfect first kiss that looks like one found in romance movies. In order to achieve this, she has big dreams of becoming a superstar.

Mary Katherine Gallagher does not immediately come off as star material. She is an awkward and bumbling girl, but that does not get in the way of her immense confidence.

In the article above, we’ve shown you how to create your very own Mary Katherine Gallagher costume. Follow this guide to get it ready for your next Halloween party or convention.

What is the most famous quote from Mary Katherine Gallagher?

1. “Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them like this!”

2. “No, I do like you. But it’s too soon. You just broke up with her. We can’t.”

3. “Oh my goodness, this relationship is moving too fast.”

4. “You’re horrible! ‘Slams door’ ‘opens door’… HORRIBLE”

5. “Are you aware that I am rubber, and you are glue, and whatever you say to me bounces off of me, and sticks to you? So put that in your back pocket.”

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