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Akira costume is considered iconic for its style and colors. Those from the 90s can better understand the fame of Akira, as it’s one of the hit movies made in the 90s.

the main character, Kaneda is known for his recklessness and carefree attitude. He is shown to be impulsive, as he doesn’t bother thinking before doing anything. Irrespective of his delinquent attitude, he attracts viewers effortlessly.

His love and care for his biker gang make him a great personality. This handsome hunk can tolerate anything but betrayal. He is full of love for his loved ones and cold toward his betrayers.

By just looking at it, one can say that this outfit is legendary. The red color makes it striking and unique effortlessly.

You’ll Need:

  1. Akira Jacket
  2. Red Shirt
  3. Red Leather Pants
  4. Motorcycle Helmet
  5. Black Wig
  6. Red Leather Gloves
  7. Long Boots

DIY Akira Costume Guide

Akira’s costume build makes the outfit look even better. Well, Don’t you think that it seems like his character was designed to carry it?

Undoubtedly, it attracts the eye and forces people to wear it at least once. So, be glad we have brought the Akira Costume Guide for the lovers of this character.

As you can see, everything about this costume is Red and Maroon, so get ready to assemble the red pieces one by one.

You need a red jacket, shirt, and gloves for your upper body. Since the boy is a biker, you can’t forget to wear the red helmet!

Now come the red leather pants and long boots, and TA-DA! You are ready! Lastly, if you plan to take off the helmet and you lack black hair, then, of course, you would need a black wig.

So make sure to step out when you are completely ready.

Best of Kaneda – Akira | Halloween Costume Ideas

Akira Cosplay Costume

Even decades later, the Akira costume is one of the favorites of otaku worldwide. It’s famous among people who prefer delinquent style and want to look cool and daring.

If you want to look dapper, you must try cosplaying this striking man in red attire. If you are shy,, then I would suggest you grab your friends to cosplay with you.

Imagine you and your gang wearing red Akira costumes and wandering on your bikes. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Akira Costume

About Kaneda From Akira

Kaneda is one of the show’s Akira main characters and enjoys love around the globe. By his look and body language, one can easily say he is a brave boy. Despite being a bit tough, he feels for others and is willing to do anything for the safety of his friends.

Thus, he is a loyal man who prefers loyalty in return. If someone breaks his trust in any way, he is someone to seek vengeance against. So, it’s better not to get on his bad list!

Throughout the show, he is seen risking his life for his loved ones. To top it off, he doesn’t care about being injured if it’s for the sake of his loved ones.

Kaneda is a friend everyone needs to have in their lives, right?

What is the most famous quote from Akira?

1. “And Now You’re A Boss, Too… Of This Pile Of Rubble.”

2. “I’m Gonna Send Yamagata His Wheels.”

3. “If You Want One So Bad, Then Steal One Yourself.”

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