Tina Belcher: A Quirky Teenage Girl 0 (0)

tina belcher costume

When it comes to female fans of the genre who want to dress up like a character, the Tina Belcher costume is among the most popular options. Perhaps every admirer of Bob’s Burgers loves Tina Belcher since she is her unique personality yet strives to blend in well with the rest of the kids. They especially appreciate the notion that she’s just a teenager girl that somehow still likes animals and rainbows and also, well – butts. She is also very eccentric, which would be the typical weirdness teenagers encounter when they shift from childhood to adulthood. She initially attempted to reject her fascination with boys but quickly embraced it and realized there’s nothing wrong with it.

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Linda Belcher costume

A Linda Belcher costume is sure to be a beloved choice for any fans of the animated TV series Bob’s Burgers. Linda Belcher is one of the main characters on the show. She is the matriarch of the family, with three kids: Gene, Louise, and Tina. She is also married to Bob Belcher, who is a third-generation restaurant owner. He owns the burger joint known as Bob’s Burgers.

Bob Belcher: Loving Father and Quirky Restaurateur 0 (0)

bob belcher costume

The Bob Belcher costume is one of the most popular choices from the TV show Bob’s Burgers. As one of the main characters, Bob Belcher is beloved by fans. He is known for his gentle personality and being an encouraging dad to his eccentric children and a loving husband to his wife, Linda. Together, the Belcher family runs Bob’s restaurant, Bob’s Burgers.