Bob Belcher: Loving Father and Quirky Restaurateur

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The Bob Belcher costume is one of the most popular choices from the TV show Bob’s Burgers. As one of the main characters, Bob Belcher is beloved by fans. He is known for his gentle personality and being an encouraging dad to his eccentric children and a loving husband to his wife, Linda. Together, the…

You’ll Need:

  1. White Apron
  2. Grey Pants
  3. Canvas Slip-on Loafer
  4. Grey Cotton T-Shirts
  5. Mustache Set
  6. Hamburger Prop
  7. Stainless Steel Turner

DIY Bob Belcher Costume Guide

Bob is a third-generation restaurant owner and keeps the business alive and well, taking great pride in it. Bob’s Burgers is known for its themed burgers usually have a pun-based name. His restaurant is fairly successful, with only one real competitor and enemy: Jimmy Pesto, the owner of the competing pizza shop. All in all, he is a laid-back man who makes the best of any situation that he and his family find themselves in. He is a very likable character and is a favorite of many fans who watch the show.

To dress like Bob Belcher, you will need a White Apron, Grey Pants, Canvas Slip-on Loafer, Grey Cotton T-Shirts, Mustache Set, Hamburger Prop, and Stainless Steel Turner.

Bob Belcher Cosplay Costume

Bob is almost always seen wearing his chef’s apron. This makes the apron arguably the most important part of the costume. You can use any white apron to accomplish the look as long as it has a pocket on the chest. You should hook a black ballpoint pen in this pocket as he does. Beneath the white apron, you will want to wear a simple gray t-shirt. 

Bob also wears matching gray slacks. He finishes this work attire off with a pair of black leather shoes. If you can’t grow your own, be sure you buy a fake mustache to finish off the costume. Once all of these pieces are assembled, you’ll be ready to step out of the house as Bob Belcher.

Dressing like Bob Belcher is a simple thing to do. By following the guide above, you can create your own Bob Belcher costume for your next Halloween party or convention. Get together with some friends and have them dress as Linda, Gene, Louise, and Tina to get the whole Belcher family together.

bob belcher costume

About Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Bob Belcher is the patriarch of the Belcher family. This consists of his three children, Gene, Louise, Tina, and his wife, Linda. The quirky family all assist Bob in running his restaurant, Bob’s Burgers, of which he is a third-generational owner. Bob’s Burgers is known for its various daily burgers, each with a different theme, unique ingredients, and a punny name. The family has many adventures together both inside and outside of the restaurant. No matter what may be happening to them, Bob remains a friendly, loving, supportive and confident husband and father to his family.

Bob Belcher Clip from Bob’s Burgers

What is the most famous quote from Bob Belcher?

1. “Kids are horrible. Why do we keep making them?”

2. “Hey, sometimes good things come from boredom. Like Gene.”

3. “Love you, cutie pie. Sorry, I’ll think of a better one than ‘cutie pie.’ You’re my angel…dust. Sorry, that’s a drug. I’m gonna go.”

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