Linda Belcher: Quirky Matriarch of the Belchers

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A Linda Belcher costume is sure to be a beloved choice for any fans of the animated TV series Bob’s Burgers. Linda Belcher is one of the main characters on the show. She is the matriarch of the family, with three kids: Gene, Louise, and Tina. She is also married to Bob Belcher, who is…

You’ll Need:

  1. Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. Belcher Wig and Glasses
  3. White Half Bistro Apron
  4. Straight Leg Jean
  5. Yellow Canvas Shoes

DIY Linda Belcher Costume Guide

At Bob’s Burgers, Linda helps her husband run the show. She is a bubbly and quirky woman who adds flavor to the lives of the Belcher family with her eccentric personality and unpredictable behavior. Even though she can be quite bizarre at times, she is still a loving and friendly person who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

To dress like Linda Belcher, you will need Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt, Belcher Wig,  Red Cat Eye Glasses, White Half Bistro Apron, Straight Leg Jean, and Yellow Canvas Shoes.

Linda Belcher Cosplay Costume

The Linda Belcher costume is a rather straightforward and casual one that can be assembled using many garments you likely already own. To start, she wears a long-sleeved red shirt with buttons up the front. She also wears a simple pair of straight-leg blue jeans. Around her waist, Linda wears a white apron. Be sure you get an apron that has a pocket on the side, so you can store a ballpoint pen since she always has one stowed away there. Linda wears brown boat shoes and a pair of cat-eye-shaped glasses finish off her signature look. You can grab a wig that is shaped to look like Linda Belcher’s own black hair to complete the costume. 

Dressing up in a Linda Belcher costume is an easy thing to do. This is due to the simple nature of her attire, mostly made of casual clothes. If you want to dress up as the famous Linda Belcher for Halloween or an upcoming convention, you’re in luck. Above, we put together a list of the apparel you will need to create the costume. Put it on, get into character and gather some friends to play the part of the rest of the Belcher family.

Linda Belcher costume

About Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Linda Belcher is a beloved character on the TV show Bob’s Burgers. She is married to Bob, who is a third-generation owner of their restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. Bob’s Burgers is famous for their daily specialty burgers that often have funny, themed names. Linda is every bit as entertaining and unique as the names of the burgers themselves. 

She is an eccentric woman who has a fun-loving and outgoing personality. Her spontaneity keeps things fresh around the restaurant. It is responsible for a lot of the shenanigans that the family gets into. She is a mother of her equally as quirky children, Tina, Louise, and Gene. Her one-of-a-kind personality certainly has rubbed off on them in a way that is easy to see. 

Linda Belcher Makeup Tutorial | Bob’s Burgers

What is the most famous quote from Linda Belcher?

1. “I was going to punch you, but I’m holding wine.”

2. “Tammy can go sit in syrup. Let the bees get her.”

3. “I love showers and mornings and bologna and turtles and wine!”

4. “No matter what I say, stop me when I’ve had sixteen.”

5. “No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits.”

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