Hugh Hefner: Industry Mogul

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A Hugh Hefner costume is sure to get a good laugh from your friends. The owner and founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, is an industry mogul who began his career as a magazine publisher. When Playboy was created, it was credited as a huge part of the sexual revolution happening at the time and…

You’ll Need:

  1. Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket
  2. Satin Pyjamas Pants
  3. Sailors Hat
  4. Gentleman Pipe
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Noble Loafer Shoes

DIY Hugh Hefner Costume Guide

Besides creating Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner was also known for his charming personality and fun-loving nature. Though he passed away in 2017, he remains pretty famous and well known. This is true for both his accomplishments and his lavish lifestyle. One of his most iconic looks was the silky red robe he often wore, which was something of a symbol of the sexual liberation of the times. It was also an opulent symbol of his wealth.

To dress like Hugh Hefner, you will need Hugh Hefner’s Smoking Jacket, Satin Pyjamas Pants, Noble Loafer Shoes, Sailors Hat, Gentleman Pipe, and Sunglasses. It makes a great cosplay option for wearing to Halloween parties or other costume parties. It also makes a funny choice for wearing to conventions of any kind.

Hugh Hefner Cosplay Costume

Hugh Hefner is a businessman, but his most iconic look is definitely not the heavy formal outfit businesspeople wear. Instead, it is luxurious home wear.

Before anything else, you should track down a burgundy red jacket or robe to wear over the rest of your clothing. This is because it is the most iconic and recognizable piece that he wears. The red satin robe is worn atop a pair of black satin pajama bottoms to match, giving the ensemble an increasingly sophisticated look. 

He wears black loafer shoes that you likely already have at home. He could almost always be seen wearing a sailor hat on his head to finish off his look. In his hand, you are likely to find him holding a pipe. Once all of these pieces have been put together, you can step out of the house as the iconic Hugh Hefner. 

hugh hefner costume

About Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner was an industry trailblazer who began his career as a magazine publisher. He would go on to found Playboy Magazine, which is arguably one of the most famous magazines still to this day. Many believe that it was an instrumental part of the ongoing sexual revolution at the time, which made him something of an icon of the times. Though he passed away in 2017, he remains quite famous and well known. Anyone who dresses in a Hugh Hefner costume is sure to be instantly recognized by their friends.

Hugh Hefner Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Hugh Hefner?

1. “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.”

2. “Living in the moment, thinking about the future, and staying connected to the past: That’s what makes me feel whole.”

3. “There are many roads to mecca.”

4. “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

5. “It’s good to be selfish. But not so self-centered that you never listen to other people.”

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