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Dressing in a Jurassic Park costume is a fun way to pay homage to your favorite science fiction action film.

Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler are the most famous characters from the movie Jurassic Park.

Dr. Ellie Sattler is a paleobotanist who is a bright and capable woman and one of the most talented professionals in her field. She is an ex-girlfriend of Alan Grant, the renowned paleontologist at the firm.

In this movie, the pair are eventually invited to the island of Isla Nublar, which is where Jurassic Park has been established. The dinosaurs eventually could run wild through the park, putting them at risk. They must try to flee the island before the dinosaurs catch up to them and kill them.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Tank Top
  2. Long Sleeve Cotton Blouse
  3. Blond Wig
  4. Leopard Sunglasses
  5. Brown Short
  6. Gold Earrings
  7. Brown Belt
  8. Watch With Brown Band
  9. Brown Boots

DIY Dr. Alan Grant Costume Guide

A Dr. Ellie Sattler costume is a great way to show your love of the character. Below, we will list what you’ll need to wear her iconic outfit and dress in your own Dr. Ellie Sattler costume.

Dr. Ellie Sattler is commonly seen wearing a long-sleeved salmon-colored shirt. She wears it open and bunched up around the waist, with the long sleeves folded and cuffed at the elbows. Underneath the salmon shirt, she wears a blue tank top.

Her bottoms are simple, just a pair of brown shorts that help her move with ease when running from the dinosaurs. She wears a simple brown belt around her waist. On her feet, she wears a pair of brown steel-toe boots.

Even though she’s out in the wild, she still accessorizes. Dr. Ellie Sattler wears a pair of small hoop earrings in her ears. On her wrist, she wears a simple analog watch with a brown strap. Finally, you will need a pair of leopard sunglasses and a blond wig to complete her look.

You’ll Need:

  1. Work Long Sleeve Denim Shirt
  2. Safari Hat
  3. Khaki Flat-Front Pant
  4. Brown Belt Pouches
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Aviator Sunglasses
  7. Red Bandana
  8. Wrist Watch
  9. Work Boots

DIY Dr. Alan Grant Costume Guide

The clothes that Dr. Alan Grant wears are fairly simple, and you may already have some of the pieces in your wardrobe.

He wears a simple long-sleeve denim shirt with two pockets on either side of the button strip.

Tucked around his neck is a red bandana. He pairs it with a simple pair of khaki pants with flat fronts. On his feet, he wears a pair of work boots to match.

Dr. Alan Grant accessorizes with a few things. First, he is almost always seen wearing a safari hat. Around his waist, he wears a dark brown belt with a simple metal buckle. On his wrist, he wears a gold-toned watch with a black strap.

Finally, he wears a pair of aviator sunglasses. All of his attire and accessories are well suited for braving the great outdoors and the dinosaurs running rampant through

Jurassic Park| Dr. Ellie Sattler | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jurassic Park Cosplay Costume

Dr. Ellie Sattler is a robust, smart, and willful woman, which makes her an inspiring character to many.

A Jurassic Park costume is a fun way to show your love of the brilliant, science-minded characters from Jurassic Park. It’s also a great idea for couple costume. Try out the Jurassic Park costume and get ready to stand out with an iconic look.

Jurassic Park Costume

About Jurassic Park

A famous paleontologist, Dr. Alan Grant, and a famous paleobotanist, Dr. Ellie Sattler, are two of the main characters in the film, Jurassic Park.

They are invited to Isla Nublar by John Hammond. This island is Jurassic Park.

It is a theme park centered around dinosaurs that scientists have brought back into existence. At first, the location is like a dream for the scientists who are so interested in this period of time.

Quickly, however, it becomes a nightmare.It goes awry, the dinosaurs get loose and wreak chaos on the island, putting everyone’s lives in danger.

Dr. Alan Grant must try to survive the island along with the other scientists there. And the scientists on the island are left to fight for their lives and try to escape the attacking dinosaurs.

What is the most famous quote from Jurassic Park?

1. “Yeah, well, they get all the attention. You guys want to bury the same place plots 100 yards each?”

2. “Yeah, we’ve been looking into the impact of industrial farming on the environment. So, this is right up our alley.”

3. “No, not like this. They’ve been leaving degraded fields all across the Midwest. First these big companies try to kill off all the insects. Now this.”

4. “looks to an empty field but notices a patch of green in the distance.”

5. “You plant the same seed as the Bennetts?”

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