Goofy: Lovable and Silly Disney Character

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The Goofy costume is among the most famous ones you could ever wear. Goofy is a lovable character of Walt Disney’s original creation. He is often found in the Mickey Mouse franchise. Along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse, goofy goes on many adventures. Much like his name suggests, Goofy has quite a…

You’ll Need:

  1. Orange Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. Black Vest
  3. Royal Pants
  4. Goofy Icon Top Hat
  5. Plush Costume Gloves
  6. Brown Oxford Shoes

DIY Goofy Costume Guide

Goofy’s popularity and appearance made him easy to recognize over the years. He has a very distinct appearance due to the fact that he is an anthropomorphic dog. Goofy has long, floppy ears that make him stand out among his other animal companions. He is also quite tall. If you love the Disney character Goofy, read on to learn how to create your own Goofy costume. 

First, you will need an Orange Long-Sleeve T-Shirt underneath the Black Vest. For the bottom, Royal Pants and Brown Oxford Shoes are required. Add Goofy Icon Top Hat and Plush Costume Gloves to finish your look.

Goofy Cosplay Costume

Dressing like Goofy is not a complicated thing to do. You can piece one together in no time. He is almost always seen wearing a bright orange long sleeve shirt. Over this shirt, he wears a black vest. Goofy wears a simple pair of blue pants and a pair of large, oversized shoes. On his hands are always a pair of white gloves. 

Goofy’s ears are perhaps his most defining physical feature. For this reason, be sure you get some Goofy ears that stand out. You can usually find a pair of ears attached to a green beanie hat. This mimics the one he wears in the cartoons. If you would like, you can also carry around a plush toy of his dog, Pluto.

goofy costume

About Goofy

Goofy is a beloved Disney character and is one of the most iconic of his kind. He is usually found going on adventures with his friends Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse. Goofy has a child named Max as well as a dog named Pluto. He is quite friendly and easygoing, with an optimistic attitude that always has him looking on the bright side of things. 

Goofy is not considered to be very intelligent. He can also be a bit careless and is quite clumsy. Even so, he has a heart of gold and goes out of his way to be there for his friends. Goofy is beloved by many who love Disney franchises. 

Goofy Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Goofy?

1. “How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?”

2. “This isn’t just my vacation. It’s a vacation with me and my best buddy.”

3. “You look just like I did at your age.”

4. “Of course there’s a Santy. Otherwise, we’d have a lot of jobless elves running around.”

5. “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

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