Alfalfa and Darla: The Sweetest Pair of Romantics

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The Alfalfa and Darla costumes are the perfect costume for couples and kids! Alfalfa and Darla are a cute couple from the 1994 film The Little Rascals. In the movie, Alfalfa is a member of the He-Man Women-Haters club and mustn’t give a second thought to girls. But this was futile, especially since he falls…

You’ll Need:

  1. Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
  2. Bow Tie
  3. Suspender
  4. Straight-Fit Dress Pant
  5. Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

DIY Alfalfa Costume Guide

Since Alfalfa is in love with Darla, he must be dressed to impress if he wants to pursue the apple of his eye: which explains the cowlick hairstyle and classy outfit.

You may already have a pair of khakis or a button-down shirt in your closet to start with Alfalfa’s look. Besides these items, you also want to look for suspenders, a brown bow tie, and a pair of black shoes. The most important thing to complete an Alfalfa cosplay is to apply plenty of hair gel to make sure your cowlick hairstyle stands straight at all times.

You’ll Need:

  1. Sleeveless Blouse Tops
  2. Sailor Instant Kit
  3. Flared Stretch Skirt
  4. White Lace Parasol Umbrella
  5. Mary Jane Shoes
  6. Ankle Socks

DIY Darla Costume Guide

Darla’s iconic outfit in the show is the cute sailor’s look, which hints at her elite and classy upbringing. Darla’s outfit is a nice look for costume parties since it’s sweet and very cute. She has short hair that curls at the bottom and baby hair bangs. 

You will first need Sleeveless Blouse Tops, which you will style with Sailor Instant Kit on top. After that, wear a Flared Stretch Skirt to go with the top. Also, wear white socks and a pair of Mary Janes. Top it off with Darla’s signature white umbrella to complete the overall adorable look.

Alfalfa and Darla Costumes

Darla and Alfalfa make an undeniably cute pair on the show. Their chemistry is simply heartwarming, and you just can’t help but smile whenever the pair shows themselves on screen.

Finding the appropriate costume for Darla and Alfalfa is easy, especially because you can practically find them in stores or nearby boutiques. Creating the Alfalfa and Darla costumes will be a fun challenge as you piece together their slick and stylish outfits from the film.

If you want, you can also grab a few of your best friends to cosplay as the He-Man Women-Haters members: Porky, Spanky, and Buckwheat.

Alfalfa and Darla costumes

About Alfalfa and Darla from The Little Rascals

The Little Rascals is a film released in 1994 which follows the story of a group of boys who decided to make a club with a clubhouse they made all on their own. This club is called the He-Man Women-Hater’s club, which shows the boys’ dedication to being haters of girls and women though they aren’t even past the age of five. Alfalfa hasn’t cared much about the club compared to his other members, especially since he’s already in love with the most adorable girl he set his eyes on — Darla.

Darla is continuously pursued by Alfalfa throughout the course of the show as they go on a series of romantic and endearing dates, with the club members trying their best to break the both of them apart.

Darla also loves Alfalfa but thinks he’s ashamed of her at one point, leading her to demand him prove his love. Of course, his club members disapprove, and their clubhouse also gets burnt to smoke. Alfalfa sets out on a personal mission to win Darla back, which perfectly gets settled in the end.

Alfalfa Romances Darla | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Alfalfa and Darla ?

1. “The way you feed my soul, I can… feed your face.”– Alfalfa

2. “You are so beautiful to me.”– Alfalfa

3. “I’m not like those guys. I’m a sensitive male.”– Alfalfa

4. “When he sings, he makes me melt like a Popsicle on the Fourth of July.” – Darla

5. “Take my heart, but please don’t break it” – Darla

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