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The Leatherface Cosplay will put you in the shoes of one of the most iconic horror villains of all time. This character comes from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Leatherface is nicknamed after his mask, which is made out of human skin “leather.” No one knows what his original appearance might be.

Unlike many other horror villains that seem to want to kill for revenge or malice, Leatherface seems to do so from a place of fear. Many people blame how he is on his controlling family.

He was made to begin killing at a very young age, which eventually led him to a mental asylum following his murder of the sheriff’s daughter.

When he escaped from the institute, the same sheriff shot him in the mouth. Now, Leatherface cannot talk, which makes him even scarier.

You’ll Need:

  1. Leatherface Apron
  2. Linen Shirt
  3. Black Pants
  4. Leatherface Mask
  5. Leatherface Tie
  6. Chainsaw Prop
  7. Fake Blood
  8. Black Dress Shoes

DIY Leatherface Cosplay Guide

If you love this famous horror character, you will love dressing like him. Below, we will show you how to create your own Leatherface costume.

The first thing you will need for your Leatherface cosplay is his mask. The mask is part of what makes him recognizable, so this element is important.

Next, you should get a button-up linen shirt paired with a Leatherface tie.

Grab a Leatherface apron to cover yourself with and match the look with a simple pair of black pants and black dress shoes.

To accessorize, you should get a chainsaw prop. You can also get some fake blood and splatter it on the apron to make it look like he does.

Leatherface Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Leatherface Cosplay Costume

Any fan of classic and modern horror alike will be able to instantly recognize the Leatherface cosplay.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most famous and popular in the horror genre, making this a costume that is sure to get a lot of attention.

This costume is a great choice for those who like to make their Halloween costumes actually scary. It is fairly easy to put together, too.

Leatherface Cosplay

About Leatherface

Leatherface is one of the most well-known villains in the horror genre. He comes from the movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In this film, Leatherface is a serial killer. He got his start at a very young age after his parents encouraged him to go on killing sprees.

This is a unique start to his life as a villain and makes it so his motivations are different, too; he seems to kill out of fear instead of revenge or bloodthirst.

Leatherface was sent to an asylum after he killed the local sheriff’s daughter. On his way out of the asylum, Leatherface was shot in the mouth. This made it so he is now unable to talk.

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