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The Lady Liberty (The Purge) costume is one of the creepy costumes that characters in the movie, The Purge, wear.

In the movie, The Purge, crime becomes legal for one night a year. During this time, citizens are allowed to commit murders and get away with it scot-free.

To disguise their identities, they often wear creepy masks, such as the Lady Liberty mask.

Below, we will show you how to create the Lady Liberty (The Purge) costume for your next Halloween party.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lady Liberty Costume
  2. Liberty Mask
  3. Statue Of Liberty Tiara
  4. Fake Blood
  5. Black Rifle

DIY Lady Liberty Costume Guide

The Lady Liberty (The Purge) costume begins with standard Lady Liberty robes in a light blue costume. This outfit should also have the crown she wears.

What makes it scary is the mask itself; grab a wire mask with light-up facial features to wear to obscure your face during this crime-ridden night.

Cover your costume in fake blood and carry with you a machete that you can also make bloody. Finally, complete your fictional murderous rampage by carrying a fake prop rifle.

Lady Liberty (The Purge) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Liberty Cosplay Costume

If you want a costume that is actually spooky this Halloween, the Lady Liberty (The Purge) costume is a great choice.

Its horror movie origins and generally unsettling appearance are sure to get you the reaction you want.

Above, we’ve shown you how to replicate the Lady Liberty (The Purge) costume. Follow these steps to get this scary costume ready for your next Halloween costume or convention.

Make this costume even scarier by having friends dress up as other characters from the Purge series, like Candy Girl, etc.

Lady Liberty The Purge Costume

About Lady Liberty From The Purge

Lady Liberty is one of the many costumes that characters in the horror movie, The Purge, wear. In the movie, crime is legalized for one night a year.

Many people use this opportunity to commit murder without consequence. Everyone wears a creepy mask to hide their identity. The Lady Liberty mask is one of them.

What is the most famous quote from Lady Liberty (The Purge)?

1. “Just remember all the good the Purge does.”

2. “There are threats everywhere. There’s death everywhere.”

3. “Someone betrayed us! This is not a drill.”

4. “The senator’s going to win, and she’s going to make real changes.”

5. “We’re going to use this year’s Purge to do something about that Senator.”

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