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If you’re a great fan of the Saw, then the Jigsaw costume is a great choice for you.

Commonly known as the “Jigsaw,” he is one of the main characters from the Saw film series.

Jigsaw’s name comes from John cutting a jigsaw piece from dead people’s skin as a symbol of their lack of survival instinct.

As the antagonist in the series, he is a kidnapper who kidnaps people and puts them in a game of death and life.

If someone succeeds in the game, they get to live, but at a cost. However, if someone fails, they are doomed to die.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black 2-piece Suit
  2. Jigsaw Mask
  3. Bow Tie and Pocket Square
  4. White Dress Shirt
  5. Tricycle
  6. White Gloves
  7. Red Glitter Shoes

DIY Jigsaw Costume Guide

Follow the Jigsaw costume guide to easily get the gruesome killer look.

Start off with a Jigsaw Mask to create a creepy look. Then, you will need a Black 2 Piece Suit and a White Dress Shirt with a red Bow Tie and a matching red Handkerchief neatly tucked inside the front pocket. 

Next, add White Gloves and Red Glitter Shoes to match the look.
Finally, you can ride a red Tricycle as Jigsaw did in the movie.

Jigsaw Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jigsaw Cosplay Costume

If you enjoy dressing up as twisted killers, the Jigsaw killer from the Saw movie franchise is one of the cruelest!

The popularity of the Jigsaw character makes him a good cosplay choice, even though he is a villain.

It would be a lot more fun if Jigsaw had victims who he tortured, so get a group of friends together and dress up like the detectives or victims from the movie.

Jigsaw costume

About Jigsaw

John Kramer is not a psychopath who intended to kill people from the start. Throughout his life, he showed a passion for helping people in any way he could, even encouraging his wife to start a clinic. 

However, John spent many years struggling with reality as a result of the loss of his unborn son, Gideon, and his diagnosis of terminal cancer.  

After that, he decided to test people’s will to live during his remaining time. It was his mission to find people who weren’t living life to the fullest and weren’t appreciating the things they had. 

They were put through physical and psychological tests. Usually, the tests involved different tasks that involved hurting themselves, but if they were strong enough, they would survive. 

It is believed that Jigsaw began with the man who was responsible for his wife’s miscarriage, Cecil Adams. Jigsaw took his name from the jigsaw puzzle piece-shaped portion of flesh he severed from his victims.

What is the most famous quote from Jigsaw costume?

1. “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more…”

2. “When you are in hell, only the devil can help you out.”

3. “Death is a surprise party. Unless, of course, you’re already dead on the inside.”

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