Last-Minute Casey Becker Costume Idea

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  1. V-Neck Jumper Top
  2. High Rise Tapered Jean
  3. Blonde Straight Wig
  4. Vintage Cellphone
  5. Bloody Knife Prop
  6. Fake Blood

Easy DIY Casey Becker Costume Guide

Casey Becker, played by Heather Graham in the 1996 movie Scream, is a young female attending Woodsboro High School. In Wes Craven’s first Scream movie, Casey Becker is the second murder victim of the killer Ghostface, as well as his very first on-screen victim.

To dress like Casey Becker, you will need a blonde straight wig, a V-neck jumper top, and high-rise tapered jeans. Then, add a prop bloodied knife and a prop block phone for a better effect.

About Casey Becker From Scream

Wes Craven’s Scream movie franchise centers around a girl named Sidney Prescott. Her mother was murdered in cold blood a year before the series is set. The culprit of these murders is a vicious cult of masked murderers, of which each respective member goes by the alias Ghostface.

Casey Becker was the girlfriend of Steven Orith, an award-winning football player at their school, Westboro High School. She is also the one and only daughter of Mr. and Mr. Becker.

When Casey Becker is alone alone one night, her phone rings unexpectedly. When the phone rings once more, the same person answers. It begins to make suggestive remarks to Casey and asks her invasive questions regarding her boyfriend. The same voice on the line starts to make gruesome threats and states that he has her boyfriend on her very own back patio, gagged and tied up. The voice then asks a series of horror trivia questions. If she is to answer incorrectly, he will brutally murder her boyfriend. Despite her efforts, Ghostface ultimately kills them both.

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