Patrick Bateman: A Psychopathic Serial Killer

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The famous American Psycho costume where Patrick Batemen gives a bloody lesson on music is quite famous. It is not the first time we have seen unsettling behavior from him. Batemen is an average working American who has a job on Wall Street. He is known for his meticulous personality and cleanliness. He is also…

You’ll Need:

  1. Two-Piece Classic Suit
  2. Raincoat
  3. Oxford Shoes
  4. Necktie
  5. White Dress Shirt
  6. Axe Toy
  7. Fake Blood
  8. Two Tones Watch

DIY American Psycho Costume Guide

The most famous American Psycho costume is based around the scene where Patrick Bateman goes on a long rant about a music artist to an unsuspecting guest. During his rant, he slowly dresses in waterproof clothing so that he can murder the man without getting any blood on himself. It is one of the most famous scenes in the movie and is quoted often. 

To dress like Patrick Bateman from this iconic scene, you will need a Raincoat, Two-Piece Classic Suit, White Dress Shirt, Oxford Shoes, Necktie, Two Tones Watch, Axe Toy, and Fake Blood. Put all these items together, and you can assemble your own American Psycho costume.

American Psycho Cosplay Costume

Patrick Bateman leads a double life. He runs around as a serial killer when he is not at work. He chases his selfish and materialistic desires. He also has an obsession with other people and being better than them, which manifests in strange thought processes and murderous attempts.

The main part of the American Psycho costume is a clear raincoat. The clear raincoat can be covered in fake blood before you put it on to give it its bloody red look. Beneath the raincoat, he wears a black suit over a white dress shirt. He also wars a necktie with a lattice appearance that is neutral in color. Finishing off the apparel is a pair of black dress shoes. He accessorizes with a two-toned watch. Finally, you will need to grab a fake prop ax to carry around with you; that is the weapon he uses to kill his victim in this scene.

American Psycho costume

About Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Patrick Bateman initially presents himself as a typical working-class man on Wall Street. It doesn’t take long for viewers to learn that he is far more sinister than that. He is a serial killer by night, one who has strange quirks and obsessions with others that makes him quite bizarre. As the movie goes on, viewers come to learn that he is known to have hallucinations. 

This leads viewers to wonder if any of the events in the movie actually took place in real life or if they only took place in his mind. Regardless of the highly debated truth, American Psycho is one of the most famous movies. Patrick Bateman, in turn, is one of the most iconic characters ever.

Patrick Bateman Raincoat Scene | American Psycho Costume

What is the most famous quote from Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?

1. “There Is An Idea Of Patrick Bateman.”

2. “Hey Paul! Try Getting A Reservation At Dorsia Now!”

3. “It Even Has A Watermark.”

4. “I’ve Killed A Lot Of People.”

5. “I Think My Mask Of Sanity Is About To Slip.”