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The Star-Lord costume comes straight from the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. The character is played by Chris Pratt.

Star-Lord, otherwise known as Peter Jason Quill, is one of the main characters in the movie. He was born in the year 1988 to a human woman and a celestial known as Ego.

Ego wanted to create another celestial that he could use to complete his plans to expand his control over millions of worlds and become more powerful.

Even with his nefarious bloodline, Star-Lord is a genuinely good guy. He’s got a kind heart and a light sense of humor that he leans on during difficult times as an intergalactic outlaw.

He does contract work for various beings in the galaxy. This eventually pairs him up with a ragtag group of other intergalactic creatures to work together on a mission.

You’ll Need:

  1. Star-Lord Leather Jacket
  2. Star-Lord Shirt
  3. Wine Red Leather Pants
  4. Star-Lord Mask
  5. Star-Lord Blaster Prop
  6. Star-Lord Belt
  7. Star-Lord Necklace
  8. Dark Brown Leather Boots

DIY Star-Lord Costume Guide

Star-Lord is also shown to be rather sensitive and good-natured, even in the face of danger. He is loyal and cares a lot about his friends.

These traits make Star-Lord a popular character among Marvel fans. In the article above, we’ve shown you how you can put together your own Star-Lord costume.

You will first need to make sure you have his famous mask. Then, you will need a Star-Lord galaxy jacket, a Star-Lord grey shirt, and wine-red leather pants to nail his look.

Next, add a Star-Lord necklace and dark brown leather boots to match the look.

Finally, equip yourself with the Star-Lord blaster prop and belt to finish off the costume.

Star-Lord Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Star-Lord Cosplay Costume

For lovers of old comic books and superhero movies, this Star-Lord costume is perfect. The character gained recognition when the movies came out, though the Guardians have long been popular with comic book fans.

It is a fun but relatively simple costume that anyone can make. You can enhance the costume by having some of your friends dress up as other Guardians of the Galaxy, like Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu Udonta, etc.

Star-Lord Costume

About Star-Lord

Peter Quill, who goes by his alias, Star-Lord, is an intergalactic thief who grew up with the Ravagers after being adopted by Yondu.

He was born on Earth in 1988 to a celestial man and a human woman. Yondu adopts him after his mother passes away.

Star-Lord learns how to steal and get in and out of places quickly. Since he’s good at what he does, these acts made him rather famous.

Even though he is technically a criminal, he is still very loveable. Star-Lord has a big heart and a fun personality that keeps things light even when the going gets tough.

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