Valkyrie Costume 0 (0)

Valkyrie costume

The Valkyrie costume is excellent for lovers of strong female characters. Valkyrie is one of the recurring characters in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Not much is known about her past except that she was once a bounty hunter. She climbed the ranks to join the kingdom’s group of elite warriors. Her real name is Brunnhilde. … Read more

Spike Spiegel: Space Cowboy 0 (0)

spike spiegel cosplay

Spike Spiegel is the main character in the anime Cowboy Bebop. He is a bounty hunter moving through the universe in his spaceship, Bebop. He travels with his crew. Spike isn’t a typical hero. He is not constantly looking for places he is needed and does not jump at the opportunity to help. But if he finds a job that interests him, he will take it on and do it will.