The Thirteenth Doctor Costume

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The Thirteenth Doctor costume comes from the show, Doctor Who. This doctor made history as the first female version of the Doctor.

The Thirteenth Doctor is a time lord who comes from a planet other than Earth. She travels through time and space in what is called the TARDIS, which looks like a telephone booth.

She presents herself as a woman in her 30s with a mysterious personality. She tends to be more reserved than some of the other Doctors.

If you’re a female fan of the BBC series, Doctor Who, now is your chance to cosplay one of the doctors. Read on to learn how.

You’ll Need:

  1. The 13th Doctor Overcoat
  2. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver
  3. The 13th Doctor T-shirt
  4. Brown Leather Boots
  5. Blonde Wig
  6. Blue Socks
  7. The 13th Doctor Pants

DIY The Thirteenth Doctor Costume Guide

To get the full look, the T-shirt you wear should be a replica of the one the doctor wears, with its blue fabric and colorful stripes along the chest. Over the shirt, you can slip on a long, tan coat with a tie around the waist.

She wears a pair of dark blue gaucho pants, which she supports with a pair of dark golden yellow suspenders. On her feet, she wears a pair of blue socks that peek out around her brown boots.

The Thirteenth Doctor costume would not be complete without a Sonic Screwdriver. This tool is something that all the Doctors have carried throughout the show.

Finally, get a blonde wig to complete the whole look.

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The Thirteenth Doctor Cosplay Costume

Though the character the Thirteenth Doctor is a woman, her attire still manages to resemble the outfits that were worn by her male counterpart. She dresses sharply and professionally.

Even so, her attire is still comfortable to wear. It is loose-fitting and semi-casual, making it comfortable to wear for long periods.

If you want to make it into a group or couple’s costume, you can have other friends dress up as her entourage, including Ryan, Yasmin, Missy, and Graham.

You can also have them dress as some of the other Doctors who were previously on the show, like the Tenth Doctor and the Fourth Doctor.

The Thirteenth Doctor Costume

About The Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor is the thirteenth iteration of the time lords in Doctor Who. She is the first woman to ever be one of the doctors.

The Thirteenth Doctor is from another planet and travels through time and space using the TARDIS. With her companions, she goes on various adventures and tries to fix issues with time as they arise.

She is known to be reserved and straightforward when she has to be. No matter what job comes her way, she faces challenges head-on.

Since she was the first-ever female doctor, many female fans of the show love her. They also value her for her personality and her many accomplishments, feeling inspired by her.

What is the most famous quote from The Thirteenth Doctor?

1.    “We’re all capable of the most incredible change. We can evolve while still staying true to who we are.”
2.    “If I was still a bloke, I could get on with the job and not have to waste time defending myself.”
3.    “I eat danger for breakfast. I don’t, I prefer cereal. Or croissants.”
4.    “Keep your faith. Travel hopefully. The universe will surprise you.”
5.    “There’s one thing I’m certain of. When people need help, I never refuse.”

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