Oompa Loompa Costume 0 (0)

Oompa Loompa Costume

The Oompa Loompa costume is a colorful choice for any lover of old movies. Oompa Loompas are a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not much is known about the Oompa Loompas except that they originally came from Loompaland. There, they are the prey of Snozzwangers, Hornswogglers, and Whangdoodles. Currently, they work at the … Read more

Fubuki Cosplay 0 (0)

Fubuki cosplay

Known also by the name Blizzard of Hell, Fubuki is a member of the B-Class in the Hero Association. Fubuki is the younger sister of Tasumaki, both of them known as the psychic sisters. She is also an Esper and the leader of the Blizzard Group. This group is a part of the B-Class as … Read more

Suicide Squad Joker Outfits 0 (0)

Suicide Squad Joker Outfits

Suicide Squad Joker outfits have risen in popularity since the film, Suicide Squad, debuted.  The Joker is played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. He is a crazed supervillain known for his murderous behavior and mischievous antics. In this Oscar-nominated film, the Joker is one of the villains recruited by Amana Waller. She is a … Read more

Cosmo and Wanda Costume 0 (0)

cosmo and wanda costume

This Cosmo and Wanda costume will be the new favorite of couples this coming Halloween.

Cosmo and Wanda are the characters from the animated series Fairly Odd Parents. The couple has been married for more than 9,850 years and has become the godparents of Timmy and Chloe.

Cosmo is the godparent tasked with making children safe and happy, especially the miserable ones.

Cosmo and Wanda have a son, Poof, whom they love dearly as much as they love Timmy. Now, they serve as the godparents of Viv, Timmy’s daughter.

Spike Spiegel: Space Cowboy 0 (0)

spike spiegel cosplay

Spike Spiegel is the main character in the anime Cowboy Bebop. He is a bounty hunter moving through the universe in his spaceship, Bebop. He travels with his crew. Spike isn’t a typical hero. He is not constantly looking for places he is needed and does not jump at the opportunity to help. But if he finds a job that interests him, he will take it on and do it will.

Ferb Fletcher: A Green-Haired Silent Genius 0 (0)

Ferb Fletcher costume

Looking to dress in a Ferb Fletcher costume from Phineas and Ferb? Look no further, Ferb. I know what we’re gonna do today! Ferb Fletcher is the main character in the Disney show Phineas and Ferb. He and his brother Phineas spend the summer having fun and building inventions. Fans of the show definitely remember Ferb for his long head, green hair, and hilarious one-liners.

Zoro: The Master of Three Sword Style 0 (0)

zoro costume

The Zoro costume is popular on cosplays together with its crew. Also known as the “Pirate Zoro”, he is one of the swordsmen of the Straw Hat Pirates. It is the crew headed by Luffy in the anime series One Piece. During his childhood days in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro created a swordsmanship style called the Three Sword Style.

Joker: Gotham’s Most Sinister Villain 0 (0)

joker cosplay

Because of his ruthless nature and iconic appearance, Joker cosplay is a popular choice for people. The Joker is perhaps one of the most commonly known fictional villains, even by those who don’t read comic books. The Joker’s history isn’t all that well known, which has spawned many different theories about just where it is he came from. Not even his most defining feature, his disfigured smile, has an origin story set in stone.

Beastboy: The Shapeshifting Member of Teen Titans 0 (0)

beastboy costume

Dress like a Beastboy costume, one of the members of the Teen Titans. He is a fictional character from DC Comics. He was a member of the Doom Patrol. During his pre-teen Titans, he was bitten by a monkey and become infected with Sakutia. His geneticist parents tried to save him by giving him a new serum. However, every part of his body turned green as a side effect.