Beastboy: The Shapeshifting Member of Teen Titans

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Dress like a Beastboy costume, one of the members of the Teen Titans. He is a fictional character from DC Comics. He was a member of the Doom Patrol. During his pre-teen Titans, he was bitten by a monkey and become infected with Sakutia. His geneticist parents tried to save him by giving him a…

You’ll Need:

  1. Beastboy Shirt
  2. Men‘s Compression Tops
  3. Men’s Compression Pants
  4. High Top Sneakers
  5. Grey Gloves
  6. Green Hair Wax
  7. Green Face and Body Paint
  8. Pointed Ear Tips

DIY Beastboy Costume Guide

When his parents died, he joined the Doom Patrol. Due to the group leader’s attitude, he parted ways with his surrogate family and he arrived at Jump City, where he was joined by Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin in forming a new group, the Teen Titans.

Go green like the Beastboy costume with green face paint and hair spray, tight black long sleeve shirt with Beastboy shirt, black compression pants, black and high top sneakers, gray gloves, and elf ear tips.

Beastboy Cosplay Costumes

Aside from the Beastboy costume, to nail its character, imitating its fighting style will add identity to its character. Unfortunately, you cannot do its shape-changing ability. To get his green-colored body, you need a green spray for your hair, make sure that you will use a washable spray. There is an available special Beastboy shirt on the market, so, it would not be difficult to find one. Underneath it is black compression long sleeves and gray gloves for the hands. For its bottoms, black tight pants and shoes with purple accents will finish the look.

Be a group of Teen Titans with your friends and try to act spying and gathering information or making origami, since this is where his character is good at. You can also imitate his “Wet Willy Maneuver” which is an instant kill technique. Get your teammates to act as Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin, and get ready to face the villains.

beastboy costume

About Beastboy From Teen Titans

This Teen Titans member is the only character who has the ability to because of his shapeshifting abilities. For his family, he was known as Garfield Logan, with an alias Changeling. Beastboy always has been a humorous member of the group who causes trouble but exhibits a sense of responsibility for his actions.

His main ability is to morph into any animal and transform to characteristics. Based on what animal he has changed into; his skills change as well. He can run on an enhanced speed once he changes into a horse, cheetah, or ostrich. He flies with high speed when he changes into a vulture, hawk, or eagle. Transporting his teammates underwater is easy once he changes himself to a blue whale. Beastboy can transform into any animal whenever he wants to, and change back to his original self as well.

Beastboy Bodypaint/Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Beastboy?

1. “Oh I see how it is, confidential data first then a kiss.”

2. “Raven… will you marry me?”

3. “Yo girl, have you been using the power of telepathy again? Because you’ve been on my mind ALL DAY!”

4. “You are a raven, and I, am a dove; and even though we are different, we are meant to be in love.”

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