Cosmo and Wanda Costume 0 (0)

cosmo and wanda costume

This Cosmo and Wanda costume will be the new favorite of couples this coming Halloween.

Cosmo and Wanda are the characters from the animated series Fairly Odd Parents. The couple has been married for more than 9,850 years and has become the godparents of Timmy and Chloe.

Cosmo is the godparent tasked with making children safe and happy, especially the miserable ones.

Cosmo and Wanda have a son, Poof, whom they love dearly as much as they love Timmy. Now, they serve as the godparents of Viv, Timmy’s daughter.

Last-Minute Fairy Godmother Costume Idea 0 (0)

fairy godmother costume

The Fairy Godmother costume from Shrek is an easily recognizable choice with her glittery garments. Dama Fortuna, known more commonly as Fairy Godmother, is one of the main opponents that Shrek faces in the movie Shrek 2. The first time you see Fairy Godmother is when Fiona goes out to her bedroom balcony to cry. It is her tears that supposedly summon the Fairy Godmother to her. Once the woman arrives, she expresses her surprise to know that Fiona is married to Shrek the Ogre.