Last-Minute Fairy Godmother Costume Idea

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  1. Red Glitter Dress
  2. Fairy Godmother Wig
  3. Fairy Wings
  4. Red Ballet Flats Slip
  5. Red Star Glittering Studs
  6. Gold Novelty Glasses
  7. Fairy Wand

Easy DIY Fairy Godmother Costume Guide

The Fairy Godmother, voiced by Jennifer Saunders in the DreamWorks Shrek franchise, is the second film’s main antagonist. As the mother of Prince Charming, originally intended for Princess Fiona, she plots against Shrek and Fiona’s relationship. Believing ogres can’t have happily ever afters, she uses magic and potions to manipulate Fiona into falling in love with her son.

To dress like Fairy Godmother, you will need a Fairy Godmother Wig, Red Glitter Dress, and Red Ballet Flats Slip to nail her iconic look. Then, match yourself with Fairy Wings, Gold Novelty Glasses, Fairy Wand, and Red Star Glittering Studs to complete your Fairy Godmother costume.

About Fairy Godmother From Shrek 2

The Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 is based loosely on the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. She is also based on the fortune teller in the original Shrek book and a stick figure of Sleeping Beauty. She is depicted as selfish, only worried about what she and her son are getting in life and no one else. The Fairy Godmother usually spends her time using magic and blackmail in an attempt to get her way whenever she can.

Upon learning of Fiona’s marriage to Shrek, the Fairy Godmother urges Fiona’s father to remove Shrek. When Shrek seeks help, she dismisses him, convinced ogres don’t find happiness.

Blackmailing Fiona’s father, she forces him to make Fiona drink a love potion. Shrek intervenes, leading to a confrontation at a royal ball. The Fairy Godmother performs Holding Out for a Hero to distract Fiona and Charming. Shrek disrupts the plan, resulting in a fight over her wand.

In the showdown, attempting to strike Shrek, she is thwarted when Harold sacrifices himself. The Fairy Godmother briefly survives before disintegrating into bubbles and sparkles, leaving her broken glasses and a dimmed wand behind.

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