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Xiangling cosplay

Xiangling  cosplay is taken from the action roleplaying game, Genshin Impact. In this game, Xiangling is one of the playable Pyro characters. Xiangling works at the Wanmin Restaurant as the Head Chef. She operates this restaurant with her father, known as Chef Mao. While working as a chef, Xiangling likes to try out new recipes … Read more

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Xingqiu Cosplay

Xingqiu is one of the many playable characters in the roleplaying action game Genshin Impact. This game features a large cast of characters, including the Hydro character, Xingqiu. Xingqiu is the second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild’s Manager, making him a rather influential person. He is also known to practice the arts of the … Read more

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Ningguang Cosplay

Ningguang cosplay comes from the action roleplaying game Genshin Impact. This game features a variety of unique characters, among them Ningguang. Ningguang is a playable character with the Geo type in the game. Ningguang owns the floating Jade Chamber found in Liyue. She is very business-savvy and is known for making solid deals with others. … Read more

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Kaedehara Kazuha Cosplay

Kaedehara Kazuha cosplay is a costume that is taken right from the video game Genshin Impact. It is a role-playing action game that has risen in popularity in recent years. Kaedehara Kazuha is a playable character from this franchise in the Anemo category. Kaedehara Kazuha is a samurai who was once a part of the … Read more

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Zhongli Costume

About Zhongli From Genshin Impact Zhongli is calm, reserved, polite, and almost always has an air of nostalgia about him. He usually remains stoic for duty but also has a prominent sentimental side. As the Geo Archon, he knows everything about Liyue’s history and has many experiences and memories to share. This is because he … Read more

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Venti Costume

A Venti costume is sure to be a smash hit among modern-day gamers who spend their days playing Genshin Impact. Venti is a renowned bard in the world of Teyvat, hailing from Mondstadt. He is popular among fans for his whimsical personality, musical talents, carefree attitude, and mischievous demeanor. He is skilled with the bow … Read more