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Gorou Cosplay

About Gorou From Genshin Impact As the primary general of Watatsumi Island’s forces, Gorou has gained much respect and prestige. Regardless, he always remains a humble leader and is aware of his inexperience. His subordinates so profoundly trust him; he is someone you can share your deepest feelings with without shame. He will say what … Read more

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xiao cosplay

Xiao is a character from the popular open-world adventure game Genshin Impact.

He is one of the Adepts who guards Liyue Port. Although he looks young, his real age is more than two thousand years old.

Many players worldwide spend real money and primogens merely to invest in and own Xiao, even if there is no guarantee that they will succeed.

Apparently, Xiao has become one of the most well-liked characters in Genshin Impact. His skills and charisma are unparalleled to anyone else’s.