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  1. Xiao Cosplay Costume
  2. Xiao Wig
  3. Xiao Cosplay Shoes
  4. Xiao Long Spear Sword

Easy DIY Xiao Cosplay Guide

Xiao is a character from the popular open-world adventure game Genshin Impact. He is one of the Adepts who guards Liyue Port. Xiao had short green hair with a few strands of light-colored highlights. Although he looks young, his actual age is over two thousand years old. Many players worldwide spend real money merely to invest in and own Xiao, even if there is no guarantee that they will succeed.

To dress like Xiao, you will need Xiao Cosplay shoes paired with Xiao Cosplay Shoes and Xiao Wig. Remember to bring the Xiao Long Spear Sword to complete the iconic look.

About Xiao From Genshin Impact

Xiao is a Yaksha with significant entitlement amongst some of the Adepts. He owes Morax an enormous debt of gratitude for saving him and for the opportunity to spend the rest of his life serving Liyue as compensation.

Xiao is unacquainted with the majority of human traditions and social standards. As a result, he frequently thinks them odd, silly, or even useless. Xiao is highly resistant to corrupt practices, so he wants to remain alone and only participates in the problems of mortals on a very infrequent basis. Despite his misgivings about living a mortal existence, he is eager to fit in with everyone and go with them to Liyue Harbor.

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