Last-Minute Glitchtrap Costume Idea

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  1. Glitchtrap Costume
  2. Glitch Mask Headgear
  3. Brown Gloves
  4. Brown Paw Slippers

Easy DIY Glitchtrap Costume Guide

Glitchtrap is one of the main villains in the survival horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series. Glitchtrap looks like a human being dressed up as Spring Bonnie, a two-legged bunny with a grin and golden yellow coloration. Glitchtrap is a manifestation of William Afton’s consciousness within the game.

To dress like Glitchtrap, the Glitchtrap Costume pair of Glitch Mask Headgear. Finally, add Brown Gloves and Brown Paw Slippers to complete the look.

About Glitchtrap From Five Nights at Freddy’s

Also known as The Anomaly by Cassette Girl, Glitchtrap is a computer virus representing the story’s initial lousy guy, William Afton. Glitchtrap is stuck within the virtual reality game in the Fazbear Digital Encounter. The objective is to combine only with players to leave the online technology. Glitchtrap appears when players discover a broken game code.

Glitchtrap can keep his high intelligence to achieve his goals by using it to manipulate and brainwash other people. As evidenced by his interaction with Vanny, this anomaly Glitchtrap still wishes to terrify his captives and allies by using menacing language.

Glitchtrap does seem to ridicule it, shaking and looking at the player and inducing them to feel uneasy and frightened, similar to how the Springtrap does.

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