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Samus Aran, the main character of the sci-fi action adventure Metroid, appears in an evolved form in the individual plays as Zero Suit Samus. The video game Super Smash Brawl is published by Nintendo and features Samus as a recurring character. It is the first one to acknowledge the existence of the leading character Zero…

You’ll Need:

  1. Zero Suit Samus Bodysuit
  2. Blonde Ponytail Wig
  3. Paralyser Gun
  4. High Heel Ankle Boots

DIY Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Guide

Samus uses an outfit called the Zero Suit, which is a form-fitting armor underneath her Power Suit. 

When Samus is clad in the Zero Suit, she employs a set of maneuvers and moves that are distinct from those she employs when she is not clad in the outfit. 

If you want to steal the show at your next costume event, make sure you wear the sleek blue Zero Suit Samus outfits

The outfits include Zero Suit Samus Bodysuit, Blonde Ponytail Wig, Paralyser Gun, and High Heel Ankle Boots.

Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Costume

Utilize our Zero Suit Samus cosplay kit to transform yourself into one of the sexiest ladies in the video game industry

On the list of the ten sexiest clothes in video games compiled by ScrewAttack, this Zero Suit came in at number four. 

Lisa Foiles of The Escapist deemed zero Suit Samus to be the “sexiest blonde woman” in the video game industry. 

Additionally, Nixie Pixel from Revision3 ranked her as the number one sexiest gaming lady and ranked first on that list.

zero suit samus cosplay

About Zero Suit Samus

Samus Aran is widely regarded as one of the sexiest female characters found in computer games. 

Because she has blonde hair and blue eyes, it gives the impression that she is of European descent.

However, since her facial characteristics change from match to match, she can be misidentified as being of Asian descent. 

It is stated in the narrative of her medal that “Without her Body Suit, Samus Aran may not possess her regular power, special techniques, or over-powered handgun, but her Jet Boots take things to the next level in their own way.” 

While Samus is donning the Zero Suit, she can employ the Paralyzer, which is self-defense equipment that freezes adversaries in their tracks. 

Samus’s Super Suit is shattered into a thousand pieces and scattered over the ground whenever the 0 Suit Samus is launched.

These shards can be grabbed and tossed at other combatants when necessary.

Zero Suit Samus Cosplay| Metroid | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Zero Suit Samus?

1. “You’re Mine!”

2. “I know everybody thinks I am. I just don’t like answering their questions.”

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