Last-Minute Gorou Costume Idea

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  1. Gorou Full Costume
  2. Gorou Brown Wig With Ears
  3. Gorou Raven Bow
  4. Gorou Cosplay Shoes
  5. Faux Fur Tail

Easy DIY Gorou Costume Guide

Gorou will surely be a ground-shaking hit among modern gamers playing Genshin Impact. Gorou is one of the memorable characters we meet in the Inazuma region. He wields a bow quite adeptly as a playable unit and is blessed with a Geo Vision. As the primary general of the Watatsumi Army, he fought bravely against the Vision Hunt Decree. He will never waver in his duties but is sometimes distracted by his canine tendencies. His cute and fluffy appearance can be deceiving, but he is a courageous and reliable soldier in battle; his men always place their utmost trust in him, both on and off the battlefield, and admiration from those around him.

To dress like Gorou, wear a full Gorou costume, a light brown faux fur tail, and Gorou sandals. Wear a blond brown Gorou cosplay wig with adorable ears, and get yourself a bow weapon prop to complete the Canine General look.

About Gorou From Genshin Impact

As the primary general of Watatsumi Island’s forces, Gorou has gained much respect and prestige. Regardless, he always remains a humble leader and is aware of his inexperience. His subordinates so profoundly trust him; he is someone you can share your deepest feelings with without shame. He will say what is on his mind, undeterred by others’ feelings.

He is a loyal supporter of Sangonomiya Kokomi, who trusts his ability to lead the Watatsumi Army due to his sincerity, determination, and courage. But his habit of letting the adrenaline rush go to his head means someone needs to keep him in check.

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